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OCT. 09,  2013   TEAR DOWN The STATUE OF LIBERTY - PART I - The Difference Between Myths, Santa Claus and The Statue of Liberty
APRIL 29, 2011   UPDATED- 4-30-11 -  Washington Times report - Newly released Obama birth certificate forensic forgery
NOV.   11, 2012   Our Passive-Aggressive National Disorder. Impostors can steal the presidency but generals can't have affairs


According to some online birth certificate copies, Obama's real place of birth is Kenya. (1)  Apparently, some of the copies displayed for the real certificate may have had the information in item #23 redacted, as in REMOVED.  The copy here shows this information as:
"1.  Birthplace:  Kenya; Registered Honolulu.  HRS  338-17.8   per Grandmother", but in the White House copy this information is gone.

Conspiracy theories are now abounding that Obama's grandmother was offed so she could not testify that he was indeed born in Kenya, and that she had registered the birth in Hawaii for him.  In any case Obama is not of two natural born U.S. parents, so is not eligible to be President of The U.S..  If you bend the law for one, then why prosecute the so-called criminals of today who have been railroaded into prison for possessing some plants like marijuana?  Obama should be prosecuted for running one of the largest scams in history against The American People.  [continues below]

OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE holds no copyright to this image.  Image has become an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY


Obama's birth registration in Hawaii may have been a rather casual move by the intelligence ring he was brought up in. Since his father was a British subject, apparently involved in espionage, the British Intelligence ring may have had this birth registration done for a future potential investment.  This is the problem with allowing the C.I.A. to operate within America - it has a casual liaison, the R.I.I.A. (Royal Institute of International Affairs) with England.  Thus, England permeates the politics and events of The United States to this day.

Intelligence rings exchange favors, children for pedophiles, drugs, currency, and probably passports, and all sorts of intel as the situations and opportunities allow.  There should be no place for any under the table intermingling of foreign interests into U.S. elections or politics or banking or anything that pertains to U.S. policy.


We now, apparently, have a dud in the White House, just as many of us have been telling you he is.  The Israeli Lobby runs America lock stock and barrel; and you thought this is a free country?

Read what Wayne Madsen said:

"The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants."
Wayne Madsen


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Sept. 19, 2012

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a British World War II intelligence organization founded in 1940 by the Minister of Economic Warfare, Hugh Dalton. SOE operated in all occupied and attacked countries.

Since Great Britain's main allies were the then Soviet Union and the United States it stands to reason that the U.S. was/is cooperating with British Intelligence for many years now.

Note the similarities between Obama/Soetoro's name SOETORO and S.O.E..  The first part of SOETORO has the exact initials, in your face, of the Special Operations Executive, S.O.E..  The last part of SOETORO, TORO, means 'bull' in Spanish, of course.
Some Freemasons call law officers 'bulls', another name for enforcers.  So we have S.O.E. BULL, or the Special Operations Executive Bull, aka enforcer, the SOE Enforcer, a British Intelligence Creation in our midst here in America devastating what's left of our economy and U.S. Treasury.

It fits that the S.O.E.T.O.R.O. enforcer bull has ruined the economy and raped and pillaged the U.S. Treasury since the original office of the Special Operations Executive was designed to do exactly that, to wage financial war or "Economic Warfare".  (1)

Every time you hear of or see Obama, think of Obama/Soetoro, THE SPECIAL OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE ENFORCER BULL, who stole his way into the Presidency (likely with bribes) on forged documents.  See. THE FORGER OF OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE CAN RUN BUT HE CAN'T HIDE!  (2)



TEAR DOWN THE STATUE OF LIBERTY - PART I - The Difference Between Myths, Santa Claus and The Statue of Liberty

Wednesday October 9, 2013

One is free, the other costs taxpayers an unheard-of amount of borrowed money at great interest.

It must have been the older sister who told this editor, a little kid, that there really was not a Santa Claus.  Being very disappointed at first and then feeling very foolish later, this editor realized that most older folks and a few who were younger had the real truth on the matter while this editor had been kept in the dark about the existence of Santa.  Naturally, like many kids must feel, it was like a tremendous joke had been played on the editor over this Santa phenomenon of Christmas.

The Statue of Liberty of Atrocities

For decades The Statue of Liberty has remained a sturdy bulwark symbol of freedom in The United States of America.  Unfortunately, however, it has continued standing when it ought not stand at all.  The atrocities against freedom and 'We, The Forgotten People', which have largely remained uninvestigated as to the real causes, have cut short a vast body of freedom and there seems to be no solution - no end to the stonewalling or stalling of freedom in America.

There have been big committees founded with important-sounding names such as; 'The Warren Commission', 'The House Select Committee on Assassinations' [ Pretty bad when a nation must invent special panels to investigate its own killing squads and assassins and murders ], that 9-11 Attack commission, and all the others.  However, those panels did not get to the real murderers and culprits behind so many atrocities. 

Harry Dexter White's Bunch

Meanwhile there were ongoing deep-rooted cancers eating away at the heart of America which went unreported and were covered up like one that cancerated the U.S. Treasury - Harry Dexter White's bunch who stole the printing of zillions of U.S. Dollars for The Soviet Union after World War II under the rebuilding and restorations after war.  White's bunch furnished the Communists the US Treasury plates and paper and ink to print the money!  The U.S. simply absorbed the inflationary effect upon the Dollar and suffered on year after year while the Communists simply kept printing counterfeit, but real dollars, for themselves long after the correct, allowed quantity of money was printed.

Who paid the real price for it, as usual, while still believing in that great 'Statue of Atrocities'?  We did, the forgotten, but used American People.  We paid it every time those unlawful dollar bills were circulated back into the world markets.  That is another example of printing money without backing it with anything.  You can thank the Communists within the State Department for that mad act atrocity.

Were those responsible for that horror ever prosecuted and held responsible?  Not really.  Was it ever reported in the press even though some insiders knew about it?  No, it apparently never made any real national headlines and is one of the biggest thefts and scandals ever.  This editor often wonders if the Communists' refusal to stop printing the money eventually led the U.S. to simply start doing the same thing and really out-do every other source who tried counterfeiting the Dollar.

NSA and Telecom Act Above the Law

Time and again the National Security Agency and the telecom companies have witnessed federal courts order that the warrantless electronic eavesdropping and spying be stopped, yet they continue their unlawful spying in spite of these legal rulings as if there is no law and they are above the law.  So-called 'Lady Liberty' still holds the lamp up right through the debacle, as though nothing's changed, despite the criminals in government making a mockery of freedom.

9-11 Investigations

Notice how long it takes to get members of Congress and The Pentagrom, er Pentagon and military investigated?  Issa's panels are still ongoing, reminiscent of some old H.U.A.C. panel or other, but at least it appears that some investigations into government wrongs are being done.  These long, long-winded panels of investigations appear to replace actual Department of Justice actions of enforcement.  Why?  If you or this editor were accused, wouldn't they simply send over the gendarmes, etc. and just bust the hell out of us for, probably, some victimless crime or statutory infraction, etc.?  But, there are those tied to the nation's purse strings who appear to be rather slick and untouchable.  On and on with more inquiries - "Well, we'll look into it", etc., etc., ho-hum - no real enforcement on The 9-11 WTC & Pentagon Attacks - just as no real enforcement in the JFK Assassination, etc..

Instead of going straight to the issue and forcing the media to tell the truth and report on the controlled demolitions of The WTC, there is a stonewalling effect about the takedown of the WTC Buildings and you see those who were on duty, even generals, now dying in strange train wrecks and such 'accidents' while the stall goes on long enough to get the important witnesses dead.  Remind you of another period in time in the U.S. after the Kennedy Assassinations?  Stall, stall, stall, government shutdown cause, er, uh "We're short of money"?  Well surprise, surprise, surprise, but you don't see the neighborhood watch perps and snitches suffering from the 'shutdown' do ya?  No, they're there in place waiting for .....'that day'.

The Biggest Lies in History Covered by Monuments

So the biggest lies in history continue amidst the BIG STALL, all rather covered by so-called 'Lady Liberty' which is now a 'STATUE OF ATROCITIES' for it resides in a land of mass denial, government thefts, lying medias, countless murders, and a population of literal denial addicts who seem to still want at least some memory of freedom, but at humongous expense to the taxpayer.  The monies used to keep such monuments open are borrowed from a foreign source to fund the so-called U.S. government, and the great, usurious interest charged to "We, The Forgotten People".

There is a Limit on How Much to Bilk The People

Just as false advertising has been condemned and can be punishable by law - so. too, should falsely advertised American freedom be disallowed.  It is displayed in public view in a shameful land full of traitors and those who continue bilking the public for its keep and maintenance.  It should not be there costing the victim-taxpayers borrowed money at great interest when the freedoms it once represented no longer exist.

Those With Vision Can Still 'See'

You know what?  When those of you who moan to quit bashing America, as it were, etc., those who can see without scales upon their eyes are going to just keep doing the same old thing, keep telling people the truth about how a bunch of murderers and coercive banksters robbed this country blind and hold it captive by hiding behind images and phony monuments of freedom which are now vast relics of freedoms of the past.

The Statue of Liberty, a phony relic, is no longer valid and is outdated due to banksters, the inactions of feckless justice ministers and due to greed and immorality.  It has now become a 'STATUE OF ATROCITY' where billions wish for the return of real freedom, but have been unable to effect it.  If the D.C. CONS won't return the freedoms and monies stolen then just knock it down, especially since the so-called shutdown government can't afford it.  Otherwise, just replace the lamp and writings with a hammer and scythe and an explanation that free America is no longer on this soil.  And by the way, stop charging 'We, The Forgotten People' for such sham monuments.


This article may be reprinted if correct attribution to this site is included.

Oct 24, 2012

You might have read or heard of at least one famous U.S. military general who allegedly had a long term affair with an aide and went on to become President of The United States, and no, the world didn't come to an end because of it.

Today the value system of the so-called U.S. media curiously aligns itself with whatever favors the current sitting IMPOSTOR FALSE PRESIDENT PUPPET in the White House.  In fact, the pattern of singling out certain officials to roast has now taken on the form of witch-hunting in the case of General Petraeus.

The so-called media and U.S. judiciary find it uninteresting or unimportant that the current so-called POTUS is from Kenya and his grandmother registered his birth certificate in Honolulu, and the information describing this Kenya birth was removed from published certificate copies.  But the media does seem to find huge scandal potential in the alleged General Petraeus scandal as if it is of great importance.

On the one hand with the status problem of the incumbent president we have a validation problem of astronomical proportions, and on the other hand we have the personal problems of one U.S. official.  In the former case the loyalty and integrity factors of the IMPOSTOR naturally outweigh the importance of an official's private life, yet the nation has a media which cannot see the 'beam in its eye', but readily moans loudly about the splinter!

This editor is not saying that having extra-marital affairs is good, but look at the contrast in the relevancy of importance in these two examples.  When a person is very far to one side or the other in their thinking it can be referred to as 'passive-aggressive'.  In fact, there are 'passive-aggressive' personality disorders that define how the thinking can be unbalanced.  When there is no reasonable middle ground and one must be far to the left or far to the right and jump all kinds of conclusions in the process it shows the passive-aggressive thinking.

A great portion of the U.S. public suffers from this passive-aggressive thinking flaw.  Here's an example.   I just received an email thrashing for thanking a Rumormillnews agent for work contributed to the forum, noting it is unfortunate how politically correct some folks are.  The sender completely twisted and contorted that, saying "your comments that its acceptable for profanities and obscenities and that we folks should get over it", etc.. 

Those statements and positions are not, in fact, what I wrote at all, but somehow the sender took my statement to another level out of passive-aggressive thinking and turned apples into oranges.  My post didn't say anything of the kind, but that sender sees something there which is not there at all.  The lopsided person who sent the email naturally included a plea not to reveal the email address and it's no wonder why.  Evidently he or she is fighting great struggles within the mind which are read into nearly everything.

This passive-aggressive thinking has spilled over into the elections process thinking in the U.S..  Are you blue or red?  Are ya a Demorat or a Repuke?  Now there's a question that can engender some profanity.  Why the hell must I be either crook A or crook B?  Why can't I be an Independent, or a Green instead of succumbing to 'The Good Cop or The Bad Cop'?

Getting a person or family to declare themselves to be one thing or other is a form of outing them.  For example, "he's a staunch Republican", or , "she's a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat" - sound almost like indictments.  You can probably come up with quite a few other examples of this controlling mechanism like,  "why, everyone in their whole family line has always been Baptist", etc..  "That bunch will vote Republican come hell or high water".  Such pronouncements tend to frame people and their families, don't they?

It all goes along with the flawed thinking of passive-aggressive disorder.  Whether the electromagnetic cell towers and huge frequencies are causing it or whether constant media bombardment saturation causes it, the whole nation appears to suffer from a 'this way or that' complex in which there is no medium ground, just 'all or nuthin' thinking.


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