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November 22, 2010                             ASSASSINATION - MURDER DIRECTORY
Ronni Chasen- aka Veronica Cohen Murder
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DEC 20, 2010 -Islamist Officer Impersonators, Racist-Islamist Murders Denver Officer In Street

Publicist Ronni Chasen was reportedly attacked and shot to death about 12:30 am on Nov. 16th, 2010  on Whittier Dr. just south of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.
November 22, 2010 
Less than a week after the shooting murder of Veronica Cohen, aka Ronni Chasen, 2 Connecticut Hedge funds run by former managers of Steven Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors were raided by F.B.I. along with another fund, Boston-based, Loch Capital. (1)

According to online comments, the real name of the late, murdered Ronni Chasen was 'Veronica Cohen'.
If anyone has information that Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors is related to or affiliated with the late Veronica Cohen, aka Ronni Chasen, please leave your name and the details at our convenient contact page.

According to online reports, the F.B.I. raided three hedge funds by about Monday, Nov. 22, 2010.  Diamondback Capital Management LLC and Level Global Investors LP are the 2 Connecticut Funds which were run by former managers of Steven Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors.

Having the same last name does not necessarily mean two persons are related, but until the matter becomes publicly clear as to whether the late Ronni Chasen was related to Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors, the murder-death of Ronni Chasen (Cohen) remains a mystery.

Nov. 24, 2010
Motion Picture Association of America, Ronni Chasen, Dan Glickman, Sony Studios

Ronni Chasen, aka Veronica Cohen, had reportedly noted to person(s) back in about March that she felt someone was following her or stalking her.  Timelines are important here.  That is the time period immediately after Dan Glickman, Chairman of the MPAA stepped down over the MPAA's taking a stand on net neutrality which they disagreed with.

Hollywood Rift a Terrific 'Blow up'

It seems significant that this rift was or is big enough to lose Glickman his position just before Ronni Chasen's alleged stalking began, and that there has been a terrific 'blow up' between the studios, one of which Chasen represented - Sony, and the MPAA. (3)
See: 'MPAA Mends Fences With Sony, Fox After Net Neutrality Blow-Up' at:

Also see: 'Glickman Leaves MPAA, Pisano Interim Chief'  
By Sharon Waxman
Published: January 22, 2010   at:

Indeed, the two movie studio moguls who were reported to have demanded an apology and hit the ceiling the most were Sony's Michael Lynton, and Fox's Jim Gianopulos. 

What does all of this have to do with Ronni Chasen's Murder?  Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Writer, issued the following report outlining a 'Southern California Ponzi Scheme' involving what he termed as a  'Hollywood Money Laundry' for the Israeli Mossad.  In the event that sensitive policies of certain major key leaders of Hollywood got in the way of these reported operations of U.S. Treasury thefts, it is possible they were eliminated.  There are billions and trillions of dollars at stake in these operations - not just hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Ronni Chasen Highly Respected & Regarded by all Friends & Supporters and Colleagues

This editor has mentioned the following of prescribed 'lines' concerning news media, and this bundling effect may extend to many other fields including the entertainment industry.

Ronni Chasen was well respected and liked within the entertainment world and Hollywood, and those who had known her and worked with her had only good things to say about her.  The problem with today's U.S. professional and business world is that one does not have to be a bad person to get whacked.  In fact, a good person who upholds his/her ethical standards within respective fields may be more of a target than an evil person.  It may come down to who follows the 'line' issued by the D.C. CONS vs who breaks it.

As you read part of the HENEGHAN
report, 'Clinton Stooge Dan Glickman Fingered in Southern California Ponzi Scheme', you may begin to see patterns unreported by the mainslime, bought-off media.

HENEGHAN: Clinton Stooge Dan Glickman Fingered in Southern California Ponzi Scheme  (5)

You may recall the intel report by Tom Heneghan, 'Clinton Stooge Dan Glickman Fingered in Southern California Ponzi Scheme', which may still be found at Heneghan's MySpace site, and which appears above at
Dan Glickman and convicted Ponzi Scheme artist Bernard Madoff

"UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that former Congressman Dan Glickman, Democrat of Kansas, has resigned his position as Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America.  Glickman is leaving Hollywood, California after being fingered by U.S. Treasury officials as a major liaison between the Hollywood studios and the previously mentioned southern California law firms that are all tied to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the recipient of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds.

Glickman had a direct tie to the University of South California (USC) law school, which operated as the enabler for the noted southern California CIA-owned law firms that received the STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds and, accordingly, operated as a 'parking lot'.

We can now divulge that Glickman was tied directly to the recent THEFT of $1.3 TRILLION of U.S. Treasury funds with his co-conspirators being none other than former President George Herbert Walker Bush, dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, as well as current CIA Director, native California Leon Panetta.

Yes, folks, Paul Volcker's audit left no stone unturned.

All of this, of course, has turned the aforementioned CIA-owned southern California law firms, as well as the Hollywood motion picture studios, into a major money laundry for the Israeli Mossad.

This all ties in to Stephen Friedman's Federal Reserve Bank of New York, along with countless Federal Reserve regulators aka enablers operating in duality not only with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York but also the southern California money laundry.

Glickman has a checkered past and was actually tied to the obstruction of justice in the 1993 kidnapping of American Patriot Ambassador Leo Wanta (while he was in Switzerland) and the cover up and murder of White House Deputy Counsel turned FBI informant, Vincent W. Foster.

Glickman still has a connection to noted Israeli Mossad agent Lorraine Fine who was instrumental in stopping the arrest of Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate bagman, fugitive Marc Rich.  [The arrest of Marc Rich was ordered by then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and others.]

P.S. Glickman is also linked to the cover up of the noted IraqGate scandal tied, of course, to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, including Glickman recommending to the Clinton Administration Justice Department and then Assistant Attorney General Jaime Gorelick that the case be referred to then Clinton era Independent Counsel aka Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate fixer Kenneth Starr.

The IraqGate case dealt with military weapons sent to Iraq and its then dictator Saddam Hussein disguised as food subsidies.  These were illegal transfers.

Enabling the transfers of these weapons disguised as food subsidies was daddy Bush era Secretary of Agriculture Robert Mosbacher and then Rose Law Firm attorney and First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton.

The stooge corporations located in Arkansas that were tied to IraqGate and the illegal weapons transfers were represented by none other than the Rose Law Firm.

Related intelligence briefing of May 30, 2009...A Federal Grand Jury headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois was ready to indict Hillary Clinton, Diane Lewis and daddy Bush's Secretary of Agriculture Robert Mosbacher for violation of the Neutrality Act aka arms shipment to the enemy.  MORE

P.P.S. There is more evidence developing on the Bernard Madoff-Hollywood studio-southern California Ponzi Scheme involving bribes and pay offs directly paid to electronic journalists working for ABC News, its affiliate ESPN and FOX News Channel.

This evidence is tied to the University of Southern California (USC) Credit Union.

An example is alleged Democrat and anti-Gentile bigot, USC law professor Susan Estrich, regularly appears on the FOX News Channel with FBI Division 5 informant Sean Hannity.

We can now divulge that the USC law school was used to store names and phone numbers of Patriotic American citizens aka Whistleblowers who had their names illegally obtained by the FBI aka FBI Division 5.

The Washington Post has reported that the FBI staged 'FALSE FLAG' terrorist alerts to use the illegal UN-Constitutional Patriot Act to gather the names of these individual American citizens.

At least three (3) of these "FALSE FLAGS" were staged in the southern California area."

The report continues.  See the entire report at the link above or at Tom Heneghan Intel My Space.

Joe Lieberman and Net Neutrality

You may recall our mention of Joe Lieberman's proposed legislation to button down the internet.  It would impose restrictions on the use of the internet and possibly enable the above report to be censored so you may not see the ongoing criminal activities and manipulations of Washington D.C., the cesspool of insiders.

D.C. CONS Appear to be Involved in Hollywood - The Prescribed 'Line'

Isn't it possible that the D.C. CONS have been attempting to get Hollywood to help push through such legislation by labeling it as more of an intellectual rights protection issue rather than an outright censoring and manipulation of internet issue?  Isn't this the prescribed 'line' issued by the D.C. CONS?


Another person of interest in important murder case killed in police presence, or custody.

In an episode reminiscent of the Lee Harvey Oswald 'fall guy' killing, an alleged suspect in the Ronnie Chasen murder case has allegedly shot himself to death in the presence of investigating police officers, but online comments already suggest the dead guy was a 'patsy fall guy'.  (6)

It is apparently the word of the police that the suspect, Harold Smith, killed himself, and, a passersby stated he saw no handgun on the scene where the suspect was slumped against a wall, however the exact lapse of time between this suicide-shooting and the arrival of the witness who stated no handgun was reported to be within a minute, but it's hard to say.  The one outstanding thing to determine from this abrupt eruption in the urgency to find Ronni Chasen's killer(s) is: this already shows signs of failing to convince public readers that the guy killed himself, hence, fails to close the case on Chasen's killers.

If anything this rather 'loose cannon' event seems to stir even more doubt about what is going on with the killing and subsequent murder investigation.  The comments which may be scrubbed at later date(s) illustrate how skeptical the public is on this latest shooting event.  It was a 'loose cannon' shooting event that allowed the conspirators in the JFK murder to close the lid on the case as they closed the lid on Lee Oswald's coffin.

Dec 4-8, 2010            

In the event some person(s) were able to persuade the now-deceased Harold Smith suspect to assist in killing Chasen, they could also have phoned in an anonymous 'tip' to the police and/or 'America's Most Wanted' to get Smith picked up, sent to prison to avoid paying him.  Accounts of killer contractors depending on receiving 'insurance money' after the hit are probably common in murder investigations.
However, according to late developments, the reported ballistics tests eliminated Harold Smith's gun from the gun used to kill Ronni Chasen.  Smith, therefore, appears to be a misfortunate soul caught up in suspicion which was generated by the frenzy of this media event of the killing of publicist Ronni Chasen.  (9)  UPDATE: Police now state that the Harold Smith weapon is a match to the gun that killed Chasen.
It is significant that the timeline of the burglary of Chasen's home is in an approximate time zone when she allegedly had a 'new will' filed in about 2006, the will, of course, a very personal and family matter.
The fact that the items stolen from Chasen's west L.A. home several years ago were of a personal nature that included family heirlooms indicates the presence of a relative or former relative or someone who had been close to Ronni Chasen.

Concerning the alleged 'new will', Chasen's brother Lawrence Cohen is reported to have the key to her safety deposit box.  (8)

Concerning Ronni Chasen accident and shooting:
According to reports of surveillance camera footage, a black Lincoln Towncar passed Chasen's crashed Mercedes immediately after it collided into a light pole.  Why didn't that person stop to offer assistance if not involved in her car accident?  This leaves the Lincoln Towncar driver highly suspect, but in the event a shooting was witnessed it may only mean that the Lincoln driver fled for safety.

In the possible event someone Ronni Chasen knew drove up, signaled her as if needing to talk, and perhaps clue her to where another party or get together was to be held, it could have slowed her down and served to distract her to her left while another person pedaled or drove up on the opposite passenger side of her vehicle.  While the person on her left which she knew suddenly braked, completely dropping back out of the line of fire, the shooter opened fire.  Chasen then could have hit the accelerator as a shock reaction, unable to maintain control and hit the light pole.  The instigator of the shooting in the vehicle, having viewed the shooting, now passes by leaving the shooter on his own to leave on the bike or motorcycle.

There were motorcycles reportedly up and down the Chasen death scene street the day before the murder and there were also motorcycles present at the murder of Princess Diana.

Instigator later sets up shooter to take the fall in order to avoid paying him.


Alternatively, the driver who may have approached Chasen from the left may have fired a blinding strobe light weapon in her face before dropping back away from the shooter's intended line of fire.  This would have made Ronni Chasen fairly helpless to see the shooter or where she was pointing her car, thus she hit the light pole, possibly still conscious, but unable to see.  There have been reports of such a brilliant flash of light to precede Princess Diana's car crash in the tunnel in Paris, France. (10)                    
Indeed, the blinding flash of light reported may have been more than Paparazzi flashbulbs in Diana's car wreck.  This effect of temporarily blinding someone with sudden flashes of light in darkness is illustrated in the film, 'Rear Window', which featured Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.

It may be extremely helpful to this case if examiners of the surveillance video of Chasen's car crash make careful note of whether there is any registration of bright light flash before Ronni Chasen's crash.  It may be necessary to use timed frame analysis to thoroughly extract all this information from the video.  It is likely a strobe weapon would have briefly illuminated an entire area around Chasen's car and the neighborhood trees, dwellings, lawns, curbs,and shrubs, etc., and may show on the surveillance tape. Such strobe light weapons would seem to indicate a more sophisticated group of assassins, and might be mainly available to high up organized crime which relates also to intelligence agents, spies, etc..


According to the police news-conference the latest statements are that according to the preliminary investigation, the weapon in the Harold Smith suicide is the weapon that killed Ronni Chasen.  The mayor used the term "he acted alone", referring to the 'lone gunman', the late Harold Smith.  (11)

ADDED DEC 18 2010
You may notice that just before this announcement the media began referring to Smith as Harold Martin Smith, using all three names as lone gunmen of the past were nomenclatured, such as: Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc., etc..  SEE ALSO:  'PARALLEL SHOOTING OPERATIONS', where the editor had already outlined substituting 'parallel' revolver calibers of weapons in place of the real second shooter weapon.  However, the article in no way serves to encourage the practice of such unlawful behavior.  The disclaimer is furnished at the top of the page.

It seems more likely that shooter(s) with automatic carbine(s), possibly equipped with laser sight and shell catchers, shot Ronni Chasen from a vehicle alongside her Mercedes.  That would account for such a close group or pattern of shots and would have enabled clear sighting in dark conditions.  How hardly does a guy on a bicycle control the bike, while using a two handed hold on a handgun weapon necessary for such a shooting operation?  Chasen would almost have had to have been completely stopped and allowed the shooter to approach her in order for Smith to have accomplished such a feat.

The possible combination of slowing a targeted driver with a laser strobe blinding weapon, coupled with the use of the laser sight automatic carbine seems more plausible.  The laser sight focuses a small red dot exactly where the impact of the bullets occur, and a blinded driver, Chasen, might never have seen the weapon(s) pointed at her.

DEC 20, 2010 -Islamist Officer Impersonators, Racist-Islamist Murders Denver Officer In Street

The more practical, everyday answer to the shooting murder of Ronni Chasen is the likelihood of a racially motivated murder by officer impersonation such as the one Brian Washington perpetrated in
Denver-Aurora, Colorado when he murdered Officer Detective Mike Thomas in broad daylight just after noon in 2006.  (12)
In the event Ronni Chasen was shot while stopped by police impersonator(s) a revolver handgun weapon could indeed have been the weapon used to kill her, thus no shell casings left at the scene, since a revolver retains the spent cartridge casings until manually removed.


If someone such as the late Harold Smith had stepped out into the street waving a light and fake badge, etc., Ronni Chasen, like most drivers, would have braked to avoid running him over, thus momentarily becoming a stationary target, and much easier to hit.   Alternatively, if the Lincoln Towncar mentioned in the video parked in roadblock fashion in the center of the street with Smith or other shooter in the island or on the curb, it might have lended credibility to the impression there had been an accident, and perhaps a man on a bicycle had been hit by a vehicle, etc., so Ronni Chasen, being a decent individual, slowed or stopped and became an easily accessible target.  

This method of slowing the targeted vehicle to access the target victim was used in the President Kennedy Assassination where driver Greer came to almost a complete stop as he turned and pointed something over his right shoulder at President Kennedy the moment the president's head exploded.

With just the help of one accessory to this type of fake-cop traffic stop, such a person as Harold Smith could have, indeed, accomplished the shooting of Ronni Chasen at close range using a two handed hold on a revolver handgun.  This would mean there are still person(s) at large who assisted the shooter, and may be whomever drove the Lincoln Towncar.

Notice the statement by a witness who
assisted in the apprehension of shooter Washington at the Officer Thomas shooting: "He walked right in front of my car, and I had to hit my brakes to keep from running him over, and he kept insisting he was an officer, he was an officer," Brandin said.  (13)

[Washington also reportedly told officers, “It’s OK, I’m federal, I’m with the nation.”
It is unclear whether Washington was referring to the Nation of Islam. . . .
]  (14)
It does seem definitely clear that the Brian Washington - Officer Thomas shooting was a case of officer impersonation

Four Cars Apparently Used In Officer Thomas Shooting -

A news report stated it appeared that four cars were somehow used in the shooting of officer Mike Thomas in the Denver-Aurora, Colorado incident, so these shootings appear to be planned, military (militant) styled operations involving thugs who literally gain temporary control of the street traffic by gunplay.  (13)  Once again, doesn't it appear that in the Denver-Aurora incident the multiple cars present were made to look like a traffic accident, and the shooter may have actually asked passing driver-victim Detective Thomas for help with a traffic accident?


This method of lying in wait to intercept a target victim is as old as history.  The infamous Phansigars, a fraternity of assassins of ancient India, used such techniques to murder and rob their victims.  In case the Phansigars were identified and the first attempt to rob their victims failed, the thugs would change clothes and appearance, travel to another forward destination which they knew the target victims would pass, and would try again to rob and murder them.  These ancient thugs also used religion to rob and murder by requesting their victims to kneel and join in prayer by, of course, removing all weapons to pray.  Naturally, after weapons were removed in preparation for prayer the garrotte would be applied to the unsuspecting victims.  (15)

India had been one of the greatest countries on earth, completely full of riches and natural resources until brought completely to its knees by thuggism.  The murder of Ronni Chasen should therefore be a warning shot across the bow of America that the same destruction is befalling our country and defensive actions should be taken against street thugs immediately.


There are any number of scams being run against the American People which your average police departments are not disclosing and warning the public about.  If they are, in fact, warning the public it should be done on television and radio on a more emphatic and broad basis.

Unfortunately the authorities are sometimes bound by politically correct edicts which prohibit the manner in which persons of certain ethnicities are described and reported on.  For example, it is not readily made available the number of shots that Brian Washington pumped into Detective Mike Thomas in Aurora, Colorado, probably due to the fact Washington is a black man.  However, multiple shots fired into Thomas befit a hate crime just as the multiple (5) shots fired into Ronni Chasen were a crime of hate.

On the other hand, with such a reported invasion of military troop build-up on the Californian Coast, who could say exactly what is going on in the area that is practically the late Ronni Chasen's back yard?

ADDITION - Jan 5, 2011

Military Psyops Units are embedded in local television stations.   CONFIRMED
Since it has been confirmed that Pentagon Personnel were charged in relation to pedophile operations, and, it has been confirmed that U.S. military psyops units actually have soldiers working within local television stations, and since we know that Operation Mockingbird has slanted news reports with pro-government spin, it seems very possible that the reports of the late Senator Nancy Schaefer's murder may be obfuscated.  How hardly can the public get the truth with U.S. military spin agents working embedded within the actual news agencies who deliver our so-called news?

This matter of suspicion is further compounded by the fact that satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is or has been involved commanding Army Psyops Unit(s), and has been under investigation in the child abuse-ritual murder, etc..  It is these very Army Psyops units which have invaded the media broadcasting and news publishing agencies, the same agencies depended upon to ultimately tell the public what really happened in the murder of famous publicist Ronni Chasen, for example.  How can you believe what these militarized so-called news agencies tell you?   They have 'interests' to protect.  What is their exact function-relation to public relations and public relations agencies such as Chasen & Associates - the late Ronnie Chasen's company?

Senator Nancy Schaefer's home state, Georgia., is also the location of the 16th Psychological Operations Battalion's 310th Psychological Operations Company at Forrest Park, Georgia.  Battalion is listed as Fort Sheridan, Illinois.  Also nearby is neighboring state North Carolina's Ft. Bragg which has the 4th Psychological Operations Group(Airborne).  (6)  Also there is a  Psyops Unit headquartered in Nashville, Tn., and the whole country is full of these units.

There is too much potential for conflicts of interests against the American People for these psychological operations units to reside within news agencies which are considered private news companies who dispense the news.  If military personnel are within these agencies they should call them the military news, especially when government subsidies most likely fund these news agencies and there are probably clauses of specific performance which allow the military to influence programming.



Abandon all political correctness and concentrate on becoming more objective.  Determine what happened to all the security cameras that were rolling in the vicinity of the shooting and what happened to the film. Did the security camera film get 'sanitized' the way the Zapruder film of the JFK Assassination got sanitized?

It would seem that at least such affluent neighborhoods as those of Beverly Hills, California could afford to hire 24/7 private street patrols who recognize every lawful resident, and could immediately respond to a traffic accident street scam while it was being set up, before the damage could be done to innocent drivers and residents.

UPDATE- FEB 06, 2011


A source,, at: 25 Things You May Not Know about the Ronni Chasen Mysteries (Part 5), has an interesting comment on possible involvement of a person influential to law enforcement in the shooting of Ronni Chasen.  This commentary states that a vehicle driven by a law enforcement officer drove directly into an art gallery, Parker's Posters, at The San Diego Design Center, 4090 Morena Blvd..  The driver was intoxicated and under the influence of illegal drugs but neither the owners of the building, nor the owners of the gallery, nor their insurance company were allowed to state the license plate information due to the immunity law enforcement officers have, even when off duty.

The source states, "there is compelling evidence that an influential member of the law enforcement community was involved in the shooting."   (17)  Among arguments is the blaring fact that there were likely many security cameras that caught the accident, if not the shooting, itself.  So what happened to all those film records from all the multi-million dollar homes at the scene?  If the license plates were not on the vehicle which left the scene of the shooting and accident, then what about an exact description and photo for the public of the car leaving the scene?

1.  Who are they who have the power to stop any vehicle on any street at any time of day, night, morning or evening?  Now one may see the reasons Congress shall make no law respecting royalty, etc., etc.. There should be no 'immunity' for law officers, nor judges, nor any public officials, nor anyone else.   Every citizen should be responsible and accountable for his/her actions.  It can be seen in Dr. Richard Fine's case of unjust coercive confinement what happened when the judges voted themselves immunity from prosecution ahead of their crimes.

2.  It may be revealing to know whose paintings, posters, photographs or other artwork was destroyed in the incident mentioned above, since the late Ronni Chasen was formerly into art and was said to have owned some pricey artwork in her home, at least.  If the property of the gallery above was owned or rented by Ronni Chasen, how much did she suffer in damages?


Legendary actor, Paul Newman, was also a philanthropist and humanitarian of epic proportions.

3.  The late Paul Newman's publicist is listed as Warren Cowan of Warren Cowan & Associates, but upon Mr. Newman's death in 2008 a statement was released by either Jeff Sanderson of Chasen & Co., or was affiliated with Cowan or Chasen, etc..  The much loved Mr. Paul Newman left some HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars to charity when he died.  One recent article states the amount is up to over 300 MILLION DOLLARS.  This is very admirable of the late actor and his family and begs the question of whether Ronni Chasen had been made some kind of executor to oversee dispensing some of that wealth.  We do know that she left money to Mr. Newman's Hole in the Wall camp for kids, so they had common charitable interests.  If Chasen was, in fact, even just a consulting advisory executor to these charity funds; was there any controversy surrounding the issuance and/or dispensing of them?

Ronni Chasen had begun her publicist career with Warren Cowan's company before eventually forming her own business, and, some sources claim she remained very close to Warren Cowan up to and during his death, also in 2008.

Also, Ronni Chasen was worth considerable change, herself, a reported six million dollars or more.  While this may not be considered mega-wealth it is certainly representative of some accomplishments and achievements and is not small change wealth, and, it is enough wealth to attract the attention of any number of fraudsters and gangsters both in banking and in government, too.

There have been sudden disappearances of millions of dollars at a whack from banks and other financial institutions at various times in recent U.S. history.  Some thefts were right in the United States while some which were associated with U.S. persons were abroad.  For example, the late Vincent Foster of Clinton White House fame, was said to have been in charge of large fund(s) which were either seized or wiped out before his death.  The point here is: when money which is controlled or actually owned by someone is literally stolen off the books, the person who would object the loudest and have immediate firsthand incriminating evidence becomes the most extreme liability to: 1. the thieves who stole the funds, and to
2. account holders who held the funds illegally.  

Thus, many people, including Roberto Calvi, aka 'God's Banker', have been murdered upon the theft of massive funds.  On or about June 18, 1982, the day after Calvi's secretary fell to her death from a 4th floor window of Banks International Headquarters Calvi was found hanging beneath Blackfriar's Bridge in London, and had been the chairman of Italy's second largest bank.  There were likely other death-purges related to that incident but one can see a fairly thorough immediate sanitizing with the murders of both the banker and his secretary.

It would only be a few months later on September 13th, 1982, when the very lovely Grace Patricia Kelly, an American actress who had reportedly been filming a project involving the Vatican, was killed in a suspicious car crash.  Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco reportedly drove off the road down a mountainside with her daughter and died later after being hospitalized.  There is much more to this that was never formally published.

At any rate, one can see how those owning or in charge of large funds are at risk, especially during marxist regimes which pose as democratic government.

4.  During the recent and current time periods it is of no small matter that late online reports claim that Washington D.C. officials and their relatives are named as holding huge funds labeled as slush funds which may reportedly be located at the Vatican Bank.

'Casper' wrote: "The source of funds for these accounts in most every instance was/is the U.S. Treasury Department.  There was no expectation these accounts would ever be located or the funds found much less repaid to Treasury.  In other words THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM THE U.S. TREASURY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and any other source’ they’ could lay hands on."

The American People desperately need and deserve a full public accounting of what's going on with the above slush funds and why so much taxpayer money has been given away to the world when our own U.S. Treasury has been in a bankrupt state, especially since after The 911 Attacks.

It is possible that Ronni Sue Chasen was 'Vince Fostered' or 'redlisted'.  The motive(s) would have been grand theft, and/or avoidance of prosecution in the event Chasen had been subpoenaed.

This is an information update which may enhance public safety and U.S. Treasury Security.  Considerable time and research have gone into this article, so please remember to support our research by making a purchase at the contribution link below.



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UPDATE-DEC 2, 2010
Chasen Suspect Suicides With Cops Present

Racist-Islamist Murder


March 2012 SAG-AFTRA Merges

Randy Quaid- 'Starwhackers'

Electronic Murder Mind Control

Deputy Suzanne Hopper Slain



Madoff Investor Shapiro Agrees
to Forfeit $625 Million

REVISED: As of March 2012 the

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has
merged with The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The Screen Actors Guild address is Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, and, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees is on Broadway, New York, New York. The Directors Guild of America is on Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, AFL-CIO is Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA., but the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., and Counsel for MPAA, and Counsel for the Guilds and Unions are located in the District of Criminals D.C., as in Washington, D.C.



See footnote 1 in the article,
'Diana and The Octopus'


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POB 210553
St. Louis, MO 63121

"All Conspiracy, No Theory"

Denver Officer Thomas Murdered In Traffic By Pedestrian Racist-Islamist

Sources: "Officer's Shooting Was Racially Motivated. Brian Washington Makes First Court Appearance" (12)



Paul Newman
The characters Paul Newman played were often the underdog, the common man, where he was able to expose much of the hypocrisy of 'the system'.  Put 'Cool Hand Luke', and 'The Verdict' into your search engine, for example.

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