No  More  Military  Service  Obligation

2020   - From 2006 Article
No More Military Service Obligation

Title condensed from 'No More Military Service Obligation For Americans' from 2006 article.

My uncle, a lawyer, told me when I was college age to get my military "service obligation out of the way" like it was some necessary obstacle to hurdle before the business of getting on with becoming what today's society considers
successful could be attempted.  That very intelligent, but conformist, rather proestablishment fellow has long since departed this world, having enjoyed it for little more than a mere fifty plus years, and all his training and legal knowledge of government, society, and military has gone with him except what he imparted to a few of us while he was here.  However, I think he would indeed roll over in his grave and change his position on this subject of military enrollment were it at all possible for him to know today what these United States of America's leaders and Pentagon officials have been up to!  When my uncle made his suggestions to me on "joining up" the U.S. was still somewhat in the closet concerning conducting illegal psyops types of operations and in those pre-Watergate years the illegal
domestic spying was mostly unheard of.

Back during those Viet Nam War Era days the toxic effects of the deadly vaccines and innoculations we received in the U.S. military were not made known to us before the internet became available, and there was no anthrax shot to take, so I joined a branch of the military and enlisted in their intelligence agency program to learn cryptographic functions or some spy stuff like that, because, after all, it was the "right thing to do".  And, wouldn't all my relatives and family be proud of me now?

During basic training we began a program of innoculations where we were marched to the infirmary and administered airgun shots of vaccines fed through tubes from vaccine bottles or containers and injected into our arms by this pneumatic delivery system. At first I thought I was taking these shots quite well, and in view of how some of the men in my company began to fall out moments after receiving their injections I thought I was all right.  Some of these guys I was with sort of fell out on chairs after the vaccines had time to hit their bloodstreams and I was told that one or two had eventually died.  Not much information on the reports of these dead men could be had.

As the weeks went by I began to receive my briefings right there in basic training on my special security program I had enrolled in and although I never did receive any amount of classified intelligence data I did hear and learn the
names of several programs which I am not supposed to reveal.  What I can say is this: judging from the names of the programs I had a choice to try to enter in this military intelligence agency, I personally am of the opinion that at least some of those programs were absolutely illegal and unjust.  We are dealing here with a Nixon Administration military intelligence program of about the year 1970 and I am saying now that according to the nature of what was described to me the actions I would have performed had I continued on in some of those programs would have been totally illegal and performed without any warrants.

In my opinion, based on the descriptions of the programs, I personally do believe there was a mass wholesale operation of breaking and entering and unlawful wiretapping into the homes of Americans and possibly even more
drastic illegal actions which were waged on U.S. Citizens during that time period.  I've not revealed the names of anything classified, but I have offered an opinion merely based on interpreting names of programs, so I have not violated any security laws.  I am saying that in my opinion the military is not necessarily a friend of the U.S. Citizens and is better defined as a threat to U.S. Civilian population.

Many of us have heard of someone who refuses to "re-up" (re-enlist) getting threatened in the military of today, or such a refusal occurring just before a loved one or family member is injured or killed, so now you can 'go figger'
where the retaliation and retribution comes from.  As long as those who get a paycheck from the Pentagon are lauded, applauded, paid bonuses for 'taking orders' there will undoubtedly be more and more reprisals against anyone who dares challenge the New World Order's military gang, a gang who cares not for your constitutional rights under the U.S. Constitution, nor your rights under The Bill Of Rights.  So if you enlist in the U.S. Military I hope you plan on making a career of it forever!  But remember - if you should happen to end up in a special ops unit, or an intelligence agency you may even be ordered to take out a stateside citizen one day who has been condemned as a threat to national security because he or she was brave enough to speak out on the ever growing list of witnesses who claim U.S. Troops are murdering civilians in Iraq or some country, or some such issue.

The more "multiple series of multiple injections" I received in the military, the sicker my body grew.  I became lethargic, sluggish, out of energy, and my facial skin color turned to a shade of glowing red.  I was more and more
feverish with headaches with each succeeding round of airgun injections.  The more I tried to get a pain pill the more I was threatened to shut up.  To make a long story short I left this term of service at an earlier than usual discharge date thus refusing to enroll in the various special security agency types of programs and to this date I believe my bodily vital function to be greatly compromised and ruined by the battery of poisoning I received from those military shots and in addition to the chronic fatigue types of conditions I've suffered from over several
decades I am now slowly going blind.  I have had a cardiac arrhythmia for years and suffer a debilitating form of arthritis in addition to spinal problems such as a deteriorating disc condition, misalignments, contused vertebra, etc., and I will never know if I would have been healthy and might have avoided at least the wasting type conditions of chronic fatigue had I avoided the military shots.


Toxic Shots
1.  In addition to many of those Viet Nam War era vaccines there now has been developed an anthrax vaccine which is said to be just absolutely awful, so anyone contemplating 'joining up' in today's military must consider and weigh the effects of taking that new potent shot in addition to former serums.  The whole point to all this is: according to some health sources these vaccinations are not healthful at all and even some medical doctors are condemning vaccinations in general today.  If these batteries of shots are possibly injurious to the human body then why should the very  personnel who are devoting themselves to serving our country be required to receive 'official' injury before they ever see combat, especially when they are willing to fight and defend our nation ?!!  Here is a situation where the very people who are willing to risk their lives for the U.S. are first required to undergo a toxification process!  How can one find anything just about this situation whatsoever?

I've heard of data which suggests that since a combat trained person is "dangerous" after receiving training and instructions on how to operate weapons to kill humans he or she should eventually approach a termination or terminal period where he or she would die or become ineffective, thus no longer a threat to anyone or any government.  If this is true it fits that the batteries of shots are the prearranged method of ensuring that such a termination period does indeed take place.  Just as pet animals are given their 'shots' to make them more manageable, I believe those in U.S. uniform who are certainly not pets, are given their particular inoculation program to achieve a similar resulting effect.  Then, as official scandals roll by over the years, such as the phony fraud documents used to start IraqNam are revealed to the public, and more and more confirmations of innocent civilians murdered by U.S. Troops are published, those who have been involved in government and military service are phased out in the prearranged way, especially since they may have potential testimony and objections to voice.

What we are involved in while trying to live and exist in the U.S. and the world is a precarious death dance with a conspiracy which is ever so thoughtful and mindful of how to eliminate those who refuse to perpetuate the grand 'CON' which the U.S. and world government have become.  Anyone who does not believe that we live under a genocidal type of New World Order needs only to review the research of Ed Haslam and his work concerning uncovering the circumstances of intrigue surrounding the death of a lab worker, Mary Sherman, who was killed in July of 1964, less than a year after the JFK Assassination.  As one begins to associate the facts of the so-called cancer research, with the rash of soft tissue cancer and tumors in people since then, and link it to the government funding, the monkey virus, one may then come to the conclusion that not only is big government involved in researching and building 'killing viruses', one may also see motives behind many suspicious deaths and murders in and concerning the U.S..

2.  As more and more evidence finally comes to light through alternative media news on the internet and from certain fairly honest mainstream news media stations, we see there were no weapons of mass desruction in Iraq and the very CIA team of Valerie Plame who surveilled and possibly prevented the planting of false evidence got attacked by the leaks in the press as retribution, and now sources report that the Blair Documents used to start the Iraq War are falsified documents.  These items of phony WMD's and false documents are the second problem I would have in serving in an unjust government, in addition to the first reason of the putrid vaccines unjustly administered to
recruits and military personnel.


3.  A third reason why one does not owe service to the U.S. Military is the unjust murdering of some of Iraq's rather innocuous citizens.  If one must conduct a military campaign or police action and cannot do so without killing innocent civilians then it is not exactly a war, but something else.  Our American Forefathers warned us not to get involved in "entangling alliances and affairs" and just look at this quagmire in Iraq!!!

4.  On a more personal level of knowledge where I have stated my absolutely positive belief that the U.S. military agencies have been conducting breaking and entering and wiretapping of Americans' homes over many decades now,
in addition to possibly even killing of U.S. Citizens I have a very definite objection to serving in any American Military now.  As I've stated; even though I have no documents to prove it, I did witness what I heard and I am convinced of the criminal operations conducted on U.S. soil against U.S. Citizens.  That is a very definite reason not to serve a deceitful government, a government which, I believe, has killed its own civilians.  [Pat Tillman Pentagon murder

. The U.S. phony war on drugs is an outright method of providing our socalled
law enforcement a means to seize our property, fine us unjustly, and imprison us for possession, sale, or use of controlled substances, a.k.a. drugs, so we as U.S. Citizens can be framed, set-up, and prosecuted even if the evidence found is planted falsely the same way the weapons of mass destruction were to be planted in Iraq.  The possibility of 'illegal drug activity' provides the lawdogs the pretext to create a phony case and run the electronic surveillance 'acoustics' on citizens where numerous repeated sessions can cause illness.  For more on this subject see my articles on this website, at The New Torture Murder Surveillance Of Amerika, at the index page at

6.  The relentless microwaving and radaring and sonaring of U.S. Citizens based on the pretext of conducting criminal investigations of 'suspicious', 'dangerous' persons and families of interest has reportedly reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. and has developed into a complete American Holocaust, so with a war raging right here in the U.S. against responsible Americans while millions of illegals pour over our southern border at Mexico, the war is not "OVER THERE", it's "OVER HERE", so why "join up" to be sent out of the U.S. to fight a phony war when the U.S. needs your help and support right here at home?

Criminal Congress
7.  The inability of Congress or other U.S. high law enforcement officials to restrain an obviously out of control, criminal White House is evidence the United States has suffered a tremendous blow due to the delusion foisted upon the American People and the world by false U.S. News Media reporting.  While U.S. news sources omit important pertinent news and fail to disclose the criminal acts perpetrated by the Presidents, both past and present, of the U.S., agents of the U.S. must rely on foreign agents such as the French Agents to attempt to bring justice and some order to our country such as preventing the recent attempt to sabotage a northeastern corridor railway which was a direct attempt to create a false disaster just as the 911 WTC and Pentagon attacks were perpetrated, false disasters which began as drills.  This is not a time to show a support of current U.S. activity by enlisting in a military service branch where one must take orders which may be issued from a criminal administration in the first place.

Neglected U.S. Vets
8.  The treatment of our U.S. Vets has not been anywhere near up to a good standard according to the reports I've read, particularly our wounded vets who return injured from the war in Iraq. Why should it be considered good policy for the Department of Defense to issue doctored casualty lists? If someone is killed or wounded in any activity in the current war in Iraq they should be counted as such and given credit of being an actual casualty, either a wounded casualty or a fatal casualty.  Dying in combat and not given the credit usually associated with suffering a battle wound or death is like dying in an airliner crash- no glory.

FEB. 20, 2011 UPDATE:  The Masses Don't Want War Heroes!

9.  The U.S. Military uses D.U., depleted uranium rounds which ultimately leave the battleground a fuming radiation mess contaminating the soil and vegetation while mixing with the dust, thereby guaranteeing that the U.S. Troops who use d.u. ammo will suffer great risk of contracting lung cancer or other cancer and/or tumors whether the so-called 'enemy' was defeated or not.  Remember the "termination", or phasing out period I spoke of above in article 1.?  In addition to the shots and vaccinations, inoculations posing a long term possible health threat, these radioactive anti-tank rounds certainly equal the health contamination hazard of vaccine toxicity.  Also, they leave an environmental ruin behind which must surpass the agent orange pollution from the Viet Nam War use.

10. The deliberate training of foreign mercenaries on U.S. soil , as reported by internet sources, like the alleged British Mi-6 units trained at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, to be supposedly used against anyone or any citizen interfering, objecting , or otherwise opposing the Bush-Cheney Regime and the phony IraqNam war and other such practices of the current U.S. Regime.  Until this matter of foreigners on U.S. soil is brought to light and exposed to the public that these hirelings are supposed to "neutralize" U.S. Citizens there cannot possibly be a reason for an American to leave his or her homeland and family and go into serving the hoods and thugs who would attack Americans at home. scroll down to '
NSA death squads reactivated to neutralize U.S. citizen activists' at

I could go on listing more reasons why an American does not owe lip service to a regime which uses and abuses its military and citizenry, but there is not enough space to list it all so let's address the question of what in the world the U.S. would do without a military.  In the first place the overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens crossing our southern border will probably want to go right down to recruiting and 'join up', and with the increasing numbers of Americans already in the U.S. refusing to enlist in the military and 'opting out', it will provide a show of disapproval of the way government business is operating and will be a vote of non-confidence for the whole world to see.  Perhaps it will even give the so-called lawmakers who got the U.S. into this phony war in the first place reason to reflect and rethink their position, or will there be time for that?  At any rate, I'm sure there are intense enough microwave weapons and laser weapons in the U.S. to completely stop and to annihilate any marauding army or forces which should attack America.

In addition to such space age weapons which could be directed at invading enemies there are all those good old "homeboys" in all the "hoods" with their vast supplies of AK-47's and 9 mm's and who knows what other weapons who will undoubtedly defend their respective turfs, and don't forget the sportsmen of America and all the NRA members out there.  All in all America already has adequate defense resources, if only that flood of undocumented illegal aliens could be controlled and stopped and the U.S. could "regroup" without a bird flu pandemic or other such phony emergency, we might have a chance to turn the microwave away from the good, responsible citizens and aim it directly at the Pentagon, White House and a few other choice beds of criminal activity which have undermined the overall fiber of high living standards and national security in these United States.

In the event you are such an aggressive (2) type that you cannot do some investigative reasoning and are determined to do what was once traditional and 'join up' anyway, I am sure you may wind up a foul mixture of a 'putrid vaccinated' recruit working to invade a defenseless, oil-rich nation to kill or injure innocent civilians in your determination to "make em proud", and "come out rite, boy" !! 

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