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TEAR DOWN The STATUE OF LIBERTY - PART I - The Difference Between Myths, Santa Claus and The Statue of Liberty

APRIL 29, 2011   UPDATED- 4-30-11 -  Washington Times report - Newly released Obama birth certificate forensic forgery
NOV.   11, 2012   Our Passive-Aggressive National Disorder. Impostors can steal the presidency but generals can't have affairs


According to some online birth certificate copies, Obama's real place of birth is Kenya. (1)  Apparently, some of the copies displayed for the real certificate may have had the information in item #23 redacted, as in REMOVED.  The copy here shows this information as:
"1.  Birthplace:  Kenya; Registered Honolulu.  HRS  338-17.8   per Grandmother", but in the White House copy this information is gone.

Conspiracy theories are now abounding that Obama's grandmother was offed so she could not testify that he was indeed born in Kenya, and that she had registered the birth in Hawaii for him.  In any case Obama is not of two natural born U.S. parents, so is not eligible to be President of The U.S..  If you bend the law for one, then why prosecute the so-called criminals of today who have been railroaded into prison for possessing some plants like marijuana?  Obama should be prosecuted for running one of the largest scams in history against The American People.  [continues below]

OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE holds no copyright to this image.  Image has become an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY


Obama's birth registration in Hawaii may have been a rather casual move by the intelligence ring he was brought up in. Since his father was a British subject, apparently involved in espionage, the British Intelligence ring may have had this birth registration done for a future potential investment.  This is the problem with allowing the C.I.A. to operate within America - it has a casual liaison, the R.I.I.A. (Royal Institute of International Affairs) with England.  Thus, England permeates the politics and events of The United States to this day.

Intelligence rings exchange favors, children for pedophiles, drugs, currency, and probably passports, and all sorts of intel as the situations and opportunities allow.  There should be no place for any under the table intermingling of foreign interests into U.S. elections or politics or banking or anything that pertains to U.S. policy.


We now, apparently, have had a dud in the White House, just as many of us have been telling you he is.  The Israeli Lobby runs America lock stock and barrel; and you thought this is a free country?

Read what Wayne Madsen said:

"The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants."
Wayne Madsen


2.     Front Page


Sept. 19, 2012

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a British World War II intelligence organization founded in 1940 by the Minister of Economic Warfare, Hugh Dalton. SOE operated in all occupied and attacked countries.

Since Great Britain's main allies were the then Soviet Union and the United States it stands to reason that the U.S. was/is cooperating with British Intelligence for many years now.

Note the similarities between Obama/Soetoro's name SOETORO and S.O.E..  The first part of SOETORO has the exact initials, in your face, of the Special Operations Executive, S.O.E..  The last part of SOETORO, TORO, means 'bull' in Spanish, of course.
Some Freemasons call law officers 'bulls', another name for enforcers.  So we have S.O.E. BULL, or the Special Operations Executive Bull, aka enforcer, the SOE Enforcer, a British Intelligence Creation in our midst here in America devastating what's left of our economy and U.S. Treasury.

It fits that the S.O.E.TORO enforcer bull has ruined the economy and raped and pillaged the U.S. Treasury since the original office of the Special Operations Executive was designed to do exactly that, to wage financial war or "Economic Warfare".  (1)

Every time you hear of or see Obama, think of Obama/Soetoro, THE SPECIAL OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE ENFORCER BULL, who stole his way into the Presidency (likely with bribes) on forged documents.  See. THE FORGER OF OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE CAN RUN BUT HE CAN'T HIDE!  (2)



The Real Criminals - Abolish the Democrat Party Crime Syndicate & Prevent Election Fraud

October 7, 2014

The so-called Department of Justice of the CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT persuasion would have you believe that persons committing various crimes are the criminals of great concern, yet the real criminals are those in government who have the capacity to radically and drastically affect the lives of the public.  Take for example the phenomenon of admitting millions of illegal aliens into the U.S. through lax border enforcement in order to fatten the liberal voting block - now there's some real crime which is literally wiping out what's left of conservatism within the U.S..  It is a phony, criminal kind of massive election fraud.

The U.S. is now in a criminally perpetrated fraud situation where the illegally installed DEMOCRAT PARTY IMPOSTOR sits and rules in the White House keeping, aiding and abetting millions of illegal aliens within the U.S. in order to provide the next DEMOCRAT CRIMINAL CANDIDATE the extra votes he or she needs to win the 2016 election.  Thus, what you see is a charade of sorts where a semblance of an election may take place, but which will not involve just the voters who are U.S. citizens.  If you look realistically at this continuation of a severe, massive ongoing DEMOCRAT PARTY crime problem to further communize and liberalize the U.S. you may agree it has the appearance of a carnival show, a great facade backed by an ignorant, uncaring, bought-off, lying mainstream media, a facade with juggernaut impetus further enabled by huge networks of cell towers, satellites, murderers, military intelligence and banksters.

"COME ONE COME ALL" from many countries and vote for another White House Impostor or DEMOCRAT PARTY CRIMINAL - vote in an election where you have no actual legal right to vote!  Vote in an election for those who will admit your fellow gangsters and murderers into the U.S. with you.


If you have the misfortune to be a white person under the current DEMOCRAT PARTY CRIMINAL FRAUD you can continue to look forward to more unwarranted, filthy, condemnation just because of your race, another discrimination process furnished you by the CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT PARTY CRIME SYNDICATE.  You can definitely say that the civil rights of the late American Veteran, Delbart Belton, were severely violated as the usual trend of discrimination against whites continues in Amerika, discrimination by THE 'CANDIDATES OF THE CON'.
See: 'WWII vet Delbert Belton killed by Obama's sons Demetrius Glenn & Kenan Adams Kinard - VIDEO & Comment - Murdering the Faithful'


It is a crime syndicate if it commits staggering proportions of criminal actions and deeds and is syndicated by media, banking, military, Congress, big business, and the list goes on.  If a truthful accounting is done the R.I.C.O. statutes would apply IN SPADES to the criminal communist liberals of the DEMOCRAT CRIME PARTY, and, those responsible for The Benghazi Massacre Scandal (whose lawyers were also named in the Fast and Furious Gunwalking scandal) would not be entertaining an attempted run on the U.S. 2016 Presidency. 


You want to talk about real crime and the real crime problem - the crime problem responsible for causing the ongoing murder and slaughter within the U.S.?  The BAR lawyers, phony court system, cops and cop unions might have you believe that you, the motorists, are the crime problem if you travel a couple miles per hour over the speed limit, or if you fail to keep up that insurance compulsion on your vehicle. Maybe they consider you a criminal for having more than an ounce of marijuana, etc., but give yourself a sober 'talking-to' and think about the real crime problem in Amerika - the one that is destroying citizens and cops, both.


Ask yourself what is causing the huge criminal wave of liberalism within Amerika which pushes the "okay to kill Americans" concept.  Ask yourself why the Drug Corridor in Southern U.S. was kept open by the feds with a lawsuit.  Ask yourself why there is a brainwashing movement to feel sorry for illegal aliens when they murder, slaughter, rape, rob and assault citizens and law enforcement.  Ask yourself why there has been no government truthful accounting and prosecutions in The 911 Attacks, The Benghazi Massacre, Fast and Furious Gunwalking Scandal, the ongoing 'CHEMTRAILING OF AMERICA', the past election frauds, and the criminal fraudulent federal money carousel system which cheats Americans every second - cheats us out of our homes and mortgages, cheats us out of our jobs and pensions and worse.

Give yourself that critical sober moment and stop and refuse to do 'business as usual' and don't ever look at these 'CANDIDATES OF THE CON', pushed by the mainstream media, in the same casual way you looked at them before.  Demand something better for yourselves, your families, your children and for America.



SEPT. 15, 2014


You may want to download this to your video collection for future comparisons, etc., in case it is scrubbed or simply removed.  Notice - this footage is graphic and violent.  Do not view this video if such material seriously upsets you or makes you ill, etc..   The video says these are allegations.

Over the years and decades many of us wondered what the black line is which appears in critical frames of The Zapruder Film of the JFK Assassination.  The black line or bar across the bottom of the screen appears to blot out or hide something going on, and for years we didn't know if it hid something critically important within the presidential limousine or directly beside the car as it passed along the motorcade route.  One thing is certain - that big black bar may be obstructing something particularly vital in determining what happened to the late President John F. Kennedy in this assassination.

Significant is the claim of the gun flash at frame 314 which you will see here.  It is claimed to come from John Connally's gun which some videos state that he removed and placed within his hat at first.  You may notice him taking his hat off.  Near the end this video says he put the gun in his lap.  Remember that the flash follows a bullet which has left the muzzle of the gun, so the flash here does appear just as or just after JFK's head wound appears.

Notice how Jackie, through much of these video sequences, is looking at Connally and/or what Connally is holding or doing.  She is aware that something is wrong and is looking at Connally while holding JFK as if to further protect him.  The black line in the video is clearly hiding the lower part of Connally and what he is doing at this time and it does, indeed, seem that it was added to block something from view.

Some of these videos claim that Connally's head was changed to appear as if it was looking away toward the front and was really still turned around for some time.  The claim here is that underneath that superimposed head Connally is looking directly at President Kennedy.  If so it would seem that the public has been viciously lied to for some fifty or so years, making guessing dolts out of the lot of us.

If Connally was shot he may have been shot by Secret Service Agent, Driver Greer, in an effort to defend President Kennedy.  An article this editor posted did indeed state that it appeared that driver Greer shot at JFK.  This was information believed by the late author William Cooper who was gunned down, red listed by law enforcement at his home in Arizona.

Some of the videos online do definitely state that only a redacted version of The Kennedy Assassination has been available for viewing.  Consequently, it is difficult-to-impossible to determine what really did occur.

This editor had posted an article that mentioned the statements of witnesses who claimed they smelled gunpowder or gunsmoke in the vicinity of the presidential limousine.  If there was gunfire within the car it would better explain that claim rather than the explanation of gunmen shooting from the grassy knoll and allegedly from around or in the pergola.

These attempts to obfuscate and obstruct what really happened during the assassination remind one nowadays of a poorly Photoshopped, fraudulent video.

For years some theorists thought that a kind of anti-personnel weapon like a directed mine had been hidden within the seat ahead of JFK, but these videos come very close to a much simpler explanation.  If President Kennedy was shot from outside the car at that moment and the black bar was inserted so viewers would not erroneously believe Connally did any shooting, then where does the muzzle flash which appears between Jackie and Connally's jumpseat come from just as JFK's head wound appears?

Which way is it?  If the press had carried reports that a Texas official had murdered the U.S. President it may have set off complete pandemonium and started another Civil War.

Just a lying, bought off, oil-soaked, blood-soaked, criminal C.I.A. U.S. Government.


JFK NEW EVIDENCE John Connally's gun flash in high quality HD Zapruder film

Thanks to YouTuber - JFKSGUNFLASH



You may want to download this to your video collection for future comparisons, etc., in case it is scrubbed or simply removed.  Notice - this footage is graphic and violent.  Do not view this video if such material seriously upsets you or makes you ill, etc..

JFK NEW EVIDENCE Zapruder film Jackie's Actions Tell The Story 
Thanks to YouTuber - JFKSGUNFLASH


Trump Withholds Evidence

President Trump Withholds Vital JFK Papers, Protects Deep State Assassins

October 27, 2017

President Trump has withheld some JFK papers which were scheduled by law to be released.  Whether they have been released with redactions by now or whether some are continued withheld, it amounts to a continuing coverup of the JFK Assassination, this time assisted by Donald Trump.

Unless the papers reveal that the government was instrumental in the murder of President Kennedy the papers would have been released by now.  It is disappointing to learn that a president who said he was dedicated to making America great again has finally dropped the ball in his first year in office and the Make America Great Again has come to a screeching halt!

It has been stated and is public knowledge by now that the papers are under a six month review.  Making America great again involves disclosure and a cleansing of our government of all the murderous scum which infects it.  The government doesn't get cleansed by protecting murderers and their various alphabet agencies which assist murder.  What else could be the reason for doing, "harm" to our government?  President Trump is actually protecting the Deep State and the Deep State assassins by not releasing all the papers UNREDACTED.  If the papers reveal that the F.B.I. or F.B.I. Division 5 is implicated in the JFK Murder then let the chips fall where they may - HE SHOULD RELEASE THE INFORMATION!

If the papers that were withheld show or indicate that the F.B.I. was keeping teams of riflemen secretly in Mexico, ostensibly for the purpose of assassination, then let it be known!

Is there someone still living, some old fart that just won't die who needs the ongoing coverup for protection.  Well, yes.  Anyone not sitting on their brains knows who he is.  I guess it will take a few hundred years for that old bastard to die and meanwhile with all their money (our money, actually) they will continue to sit piously atop us, issuing edicts as law and not following the laws themselves.

Quit hiding the murderers, Trump - you have an opportunity to expose them!

I have changed my mind about Donald Trump. He is another instrument of The Deep State and I don't like him!



TEAR DOWN THE STATUE OF LIBERTY - PART I - The Difference Between Myths, Santa Claus and The Statue of Liberty

Wednesday October 9, 2013

One is free, the other costs taxpayers an unheard-of amount of borrowed money at great interest.

It must have been the older sister who told this editor, a little kid, that there really was not a Santa Claus.  Being very disappointed at first and then feeling very foolish later, this editor realized that most older folks and a few who were younger had the real truth on the matter while this editor had been kept in the dark about the existence of Santa.  Naturally, like many kids must feel, it was like a tremendous joke had been played on the editor over this Santa phenomenon of Christmas.

The Statue of Liberty of Atrocities

For decades The Statue of Liberty has remained a sturdy bulwark symbol of freedom in The United States of America.  Unfortunately, however, it has continued standing when it ought not stand at all.  The atrocities against freedom and 'We, The Forgotten People', which have largely remained uninvestigated as to the real causes, have cut short a vast body of freedom and there seems to be no solution - no end to the stonewalling or stalling of freedom in America.

There have been big committees founded with important-sounding names such as; 'The Warren Commission', 'The House Select Committee on Assassinations' [ Pretty bad when a nation must invent special panels to investigate its own killing squads and assassins and murders ], that 9-11 Attack commission, and all the others.  However, those panels did not get to the real murderers and culprits behind so many atrocities. 

Harry Dexter White's Bunch

Meanwhile there were ongoing deep-rooted cancers eating away at the heart of America which went unreported and were covered up like one that cancerated the U.S. Treasury - Harry Dexter White's bunch who stole the printing of zillions of U.S. Dollars for The Soviet Union after World War II under the rebuilding and restorations after war.  White's bunch furnished the Communists the US Treasury plates and paper and ink to print the money!  The U.S. simply absorbed the inflationary effect upon the Dollar and suffered on year after year while the Communists simply kept printing counterfeit, but real dollars, for themselves long after the correct, allowed quantity of money was printed.

Who paid the real price for it, as usual, while still believing in that great 'Statue of Atrocities'?  We did, the forgotten, but used American People.  We paid it every time those unlawful dollar bills were circulated back into the world markets.  That is another example of printing money without backing it with anything.  You can thank the Communists within the State Department for that mad act atrocity.

Were those responsible for that horror ever prosecuted and held responsible?  Not really.  Was it ever reported in the press even though some insiders knew about it?  No, it apparently never made any real national headlines and is one of the biggest thefts and scandals ever.  This editor often wonders if the Communists' refusal to stop printing the money eventually led the U.S. to simply start doing the same thing and really out-do every other source who tried counterfeiting the Dollar.

NSA and Telecom Act Above the Law

Time and again the National Security Agency and the telecom companies have witnessed federal courts order that the warrantless electronic eavesdropping and spying be stopped, yet they continue their unlawful spying in spite of these legal rulings as if there is no law and they are above the law.  So-called 'Lady Liberty' still holds the lamp up right through the debacle, as though nothing's changed, despite the criminals in government making a mockery of freedom.

9-11 Investigations

Notice how long it takes to get members of Congress and The Pentagrom, er Pentagon and military investigated?  Issa's panels are still ongoing, reminiscent of some old H.U.A.C. panel or other, but at least it appears that some investigations into government wrongs are being done.  These long, long-winded panels of investigations appear to replace actual Department of Justice actions of enforcement.  Why?  If you or this editor were accused, wouldn't they simply send over the gendarmes, etc. and just bust the hell out of us for, probably, some victimless crime or statutory infraction, etc.?  But, there are those tied to the nation's purse strings who appear to be rather slick and untouchable.  On and on with more inquiries - "Well, we'll look into it", etc., etc., ho-hum - no real enforcement on The 9-11 WTC & Pentagon Attacks - just as no real enforcement in the JFK Assassination, etc..

Instead of going straight to the issue and forcing the media to tell the truth and report on the controlled demolitions of The WTC, there is a stonewalling effect about the takedown of the WTC Buildings and you see those who were on duty, even generals, now dying in strange train wrecks and such 'accidents' while the stall goes on long enough to get the important witnesses dead.  Remind you of another period in time in the U.S. after the Kennedy Assassinations?  Stall, stall, stall, government shutdown cause, er, uh "We're short of money"?  Well surprise, surprise, surprise, but you don't see the neighborhood watch perps and snitches suffering from the 'shutdown' do ya?  No, they're there in place waiting for .....'that day'.

The Biggest Lies in History Covered by Monuments

So the biggest lies in history continue amidst the BIG STALL, all rather covered by so-called 'Lady Liberty' which is now a 'STATUE OF ATROCITIES' for it resides in a land of mass denial, government thefts, lying medias, countless murders, and a population of literal denial addicts who seem to still want at least some memory of freedom, but at humongous expense to the taxpayer.  The monies used to keep such monuments open are borrowed from a foreign source to fund the so-called U.S. government, and the great, usurious interest charged to "We, The Forgotten People".

There is a Limit on How Much to Bilk The People

Just as false advertising has been condemned and can be punishable by law - so. too, should falsely advertised American freedom be disallowed.  It is displayed in public view in a shameful land full of traitors and those who continue bilking the public for its keep and maintenance.  It should not be there costing the victim-taxpayers borrowed money at great interest when the freedoms it once represented no longer exist.

Those With Vision Can Still 'See'

You know what?  When those of you who moan to quit bashing America, as it were, etc., those who can see without scales upon their eyes are going to just keep doing the same old thing, keep telling people the truth about how a bunch of murderers and coercive banksters robbed this country blind and hold it captive by hiding behind images and phony monuments of freedom which are now vast relics of freedoms of the past.

The Statue of Liberty, a phony relic, is no longer valid and is outdated due to banksters, the inactions of feckless justice ministers and due to greed and immorality.  It has now become a 'STATUE OF ATROCITY' where billions wish for the return of real freedom, but have been unable to effect it.  If the D.C. CONS won't return the freedoms and monies stolen then just knock it down, especially since the so-called shutdown government can't afford it.  Otherwise, just replace the lamp and writings with a hammer and scythe and an explanation that free America is no longer on this soil.  And by the way, stop charging 'We, The Forgotten People' for such sham monuments.


This article may be reprinted if correct attribution to this site is included.

You might have read or heard of at least one famous U.S. military general who allegedly had a long term affair with an aide and went on to become President of The United States, and no, the world didn't come to an end because of it.

Today the value system of the so-called U.S. media curiously aligns itself with whatever favors the current sitting IMPOSTOR FALSE PRESIDENT PUPPET in the White House.  In fact, the pattern of singling out certain officials to roast has now taken on the form of witch-hunting in the case of General Petraeus.

The so-called media and U.S. judiciary find it uninteresting or unimportant that the current so-called POTUS is from Kenya and his grandmother registered his birth certificate in Honolulu, and the information describing this Kenya birth was removed from published certificate copies.  But the media does seem to find huge scandal potential in the alleged General Petraeus scandal as if it is of great importance.

On the one hand with the status problem of the incumbent president we have a validation problem of astronomical proportions, and on the other hand we have the personal problems of one U.S. official.  In the former case the loyalty and integrity factors of the IMPOSTOR naturally outweigh the importance of an official's private life, yet the nation has a media which cannot see the 'beam in its eye', but readily moans loudly about the splinter!

This editor is not saying that having extra-marital affairs is good, but look at the contrast in the relevancy of importance in these two examples.  When a person is very far to one side or the other in their thinking it can be referred to as 'passive-aggressive'.  In fact, there are 'passive-aggressive' personality disorders that define how the thinking can be unbalanced.  When there is no reasonable middle ground and one must be far to the left or far to the right and jump all kinds of conclusions in the process it shows the passive-aggressive thinking.

A great portion of the U.S. public suffers from this passive-aggressive thinking flaw.  Here's an example.   I just received an email thrashing for thanking a Rumormillnews agent for work contributed to the forum, noting it is unfortunate how politically correct some folks are.  The sender completely twisted and contorted that, saying "your comments that its acceptable for profanities and obscenities and that we folks should get over it", etc.. 

Those statements and positions are not, in fact, what I wrote at all, but somehow the sender took my statement to another level out of passive-aggressive thinking and turned apples into oranges.  My post didn't say anything of the kind, but that sender sees something there which is not there at all.  The lopsided person who sent the email naturally included a plea not to reveal the email address and it's no wonder why.  Evidently he or she is fighting great struggles within the mind which are read into nearly everything.

This passive-aggressive thinking has spilled over into the elections process thinking in the U.S..  Are you blue or red?  Are ya a Demorat or a Repuke?  Now there's a question that can engender some profanity.  Why the hell must I be either crook A or crook B?  Why can't I be an Independent, or a Green instead of succumbing to 'The Good Cop or The Bad Cop'?

Getting a person or family to declare themselves to be one thing or other is a form of outing them.  For example, "he's a staunch Republican", or , "she's a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat" - sound almost like indictments.  You can probably come up with quite a few other examples of this controlling mechanism like,  "why, everyone in their whole family line has always been Baptist", etc..  "That bunch will vote Republican come hell or high water".  Such pronouncements tend to frame people and their families, don't they?

It all goes along with the flawed thinking of passive-aggressive disorder.  Whether the electromagnetic cell towers and huge frequencies are causing it or whether constant media bombardment saturation causes it, the whole nation appears to suffer from a 'this way or that' complex in which there is no medium ground, just 'all or nuthin' thinking.


NEWSLETTER - ISLA VISTA MASSACRE - Shades of Dorner Case, Sandy Hook and Columbine Massacres

Monday, May 26, 2014

There are numerous similarities of the Christopher Dorner case, the Sandy Hook School Massacre and the Columbine Massacre, which echo from the recent Santa Barbara Isla Vista Student Enclave Shooting Massacre.  Although it may not be wise to immediately adopt presumptions and make comments about the Isla Vista incident it is significant that some of the same modus operandi in the former shootings do appear in this more recent attack which some feel may be a sort of 'false flag' attack.

Firstly, if the Isla Vista shootings were perpetrated to further the anti-gun owner lobby, and where more than one shooter could be involved, it could definitely represent a sort of 'false flag' attack, even if the dead listed are not actors and are really dead.  The result of implicating guns and gun owners into a horror-tragedy incident would still be present and it leaves such an unpleasant impression  of association with guns.


When O.J. Simpson was blamed for killing Nicole and Ron I had to wonder about how a crippled, arthritic aging man could have been able to accomplish all that slashing of the victims and with that one little knife.  It appeared to be a 'put up job'.  Taking some comparative logic from that incident to the Isla Vista incident - it says in some articles that the shooter, Rodgers, had killed by sharp object(s) his three roommates before going on the shooting spree.  One guy got the best of all three victims just like that, eh?  Well, it is possible, but it would seem the killer would have needed some help to do all those killings at his home, but most or all news accounts don't credit anyone else but Rodgers for these murders.


Then we get to other similarities.  Now we read there were some TWELVE crime scenes, not just four, then more, then nine, but TWELVE crime scenes and it appears that for a period of time the area's law enforcement resources were overwhelmed by all of this and attempted to get all the investigations going.  Now that's one hell of a lot of area and a lot of shootings, yet we are fed by the media that this one guy did all this and just went over to the deli where he decided to shoot himself.

It really does appear that if this shooter, Rodgers, did any of these killings he, likely, had some help.


There were statements by persons at the Columbine incident who said there were more shooters involved than Dillon and Klebold and for some time those video(s) of other guys in white t-shirts running through the school were on  There may have been even more 'second shooters' than those shown on the video(s).  At least one person who worked in a sandwich shop who had given testimony over that shooting massacre was also gunned down at work there near the campus later and killed.  It was said that others were threatened over 'talking'.

Sandy Hook

This second shooter or second perp phenomenon was even more visible at the Sandy Hook School shooting where videos of authorities chasing guys up into the woods is or was available on, yet the so-called 'law' still doesn't necessarily FORMALLY admit this.

Christopher Dorner

Online statements about the video of the shooter claimed to be Dorner shooting the cops claim they don't know how Dorner wasn't tracked, but appeared miraculously up at Big Bear.  How does anyone know for a certainty that that SUV said to be Dorner was really Dorner doing the shooting?  You cannot see his face or much of anything about the driver-shooter in that sequence.  Then Dorner somehow is somewhere else and someone leaves all this 'paperwork' on a Dorner Manifesto available just like the alleged rant that Rodgers supposedly left on his Twitter page?  Convenient. Convenient to create the hatred of the suspect needed to complete the branding of guilty before trial.

There could have been other shooters in Dorner's case and he could have been set up.  Who is it that was granted authority by courts to see into your financial accounts, your bank accounts, so who is it that can best hack and manipulate the internet accounts?  In fact, there is little doubt that some group of perp officials could create a false threat around a person and remove all his or her funds from all their financial accounts and completely cancel their internet capabilities.


In the case of Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook School Massacre the dead mother was found in the home.  Convenient, since she was listed as a C.I.A. analyst who cannot talk now and her testimony is sealed forever.  Many speculations abound that someone other than the shooter could have killed this woman or killed her even after Lanza left home.

In the case of Isla Vista we find the same thing - the three victim-roommates of Rodgers are found slashed or stabbed to death as though it was the beginning of the tirade.  Convenient since it removes eyewitness at-home proof of whom Rodgers was associating with especially immediately prior to the shooting incident.


In the Columbine shootings the perps, Dillon and Klebold, may have been written up as nerds who disliked 'jocks', etc., and the theme of rejection by peers is used as a reason or cause of the killings, etc., and in the Isla Vista incident a similar theme appears; the killer's rants indicate he cannot successfully relate with various women or such sexually frustrated causes, etc., another theme of sort of a nerd-rejection thing.  In fact, Adam Lanza was also generally written up this way, leaving the bulk of brainwashed government school kids to fear being categorized as different, nerdish, etc., and you get the idea - "Fall in line with the status quo, or else be condemned".

This is also the style of compulsion today's so-called mental health community uses to mentally whip the public with. "Be what we professionals consider normal or be considered mentally ill".


In the Sandy Hook School Massacre the surviving parents were offered closed, locked coffins of their children's remains in the persuasion that the remains had been so brutally shot up they should not be viewed.  This is the attempt to demonize the tools, the guns which were alleged to have been used to kill the children.

In the Isla Vista shooting incident a surviving father of a victim is given big airtime exposure to push a "gun laws" statement subsequent to the shootings, thus capitalizing on the demonization of guns which are but tools that carry out the will of living persons.

Had the Isla Vista victims been armed they may have survived.  There still seems to be a trend toward fraternities and sororities, well known for partying, drinking, etc., but in fact, there is not much time for party atmosphere in a country overwhelmed by rabid communist styled movements against gun ownership.  It shows that much of the U.S. are still not believers in what can happen before the very eyes of citizens.


It appears that U.S. law enforcement is overwhelmed to a degree that it cannot prevent gangland style shooting massacres and they simply enter in and do after-the-fact damage control, issuing the blame on some poor white kid or other and reassuring the public that the danger is over rather than admitting the many inconsistencies in the cases and pointing to the real problem.  Face it – law enforcement just cannot protect the people, thus, the criminal media, the military intelligence gangs and other less official gangs and groups may continue to prey upon The American People who are fast becoming what I have always called 'We, The Forgotten People'.

Possible further analysis later.


May 26, 2014 - PM

SEE VIDEO:   HUGE! Multiple Witnesses Say '2 Men Were In BMW' During Shooting!

December 1, 2014   - On St. Louis

Man Killed in Hammer Attack Near This Editor's Former Pad - Not the First Area Street Murder

The unfortunate man killed at Gravois and Itaska, St. Louis, Mo. by the hammer attackers was not the first to be murdered there, near my former temporary home which was a little farther southwest of that Itaska murder.  I had looked for work in pre- Obama St. Louis but didn't find a position available that I thought I could fill.  Not long before I moved from St. Louis a fellow was shot to death at a Bank of America drive through there on Gravois even closer to my former apartment.  They, reportedly, shot him right in his car with his family.  On another occasion a disabled or mentally challenged guy was accosted in a robbery at an ATM farther south on Gravois toward Hampton where he ran toward the supermarket and Walgreen's intersection and collapsed and died in a puddle of his blood after being stabbed repeatedly.  I think he fell there at or near the bus transportation center at Hampton and Gravois where I had gone through so many times.

Somehow I found all the people I met in pre- Obama St. Louis pretty friendly and seemed to get on okay riding buses and going about, but I mused at the coincidental items I bought at a nearby estate sale just before I left.  In addition to some nice cleaned clothing items I matter-of-factly picked up and bought a packet of roadmaps which the deceased couple had used on their last trip south from there.  When I rented the car to leave and pulled out those maps it was as if that late elderly couple or someone was bidding me to go ahead and go - "go this way on the maps" - which I followed - and I left.

Life is an adventure.  Ever get the feeling that you are sometimes living by a thread?


January 12, 2015

I Dreamed President Kennedy Said a Final Farewell to America

I dreamed President Kennedy was in a parade where an announcer said "And there's President John Kennedy giving his final farewell to The United States of America", etc., and I turned in the dream to someone and remarked how people will now regret not listening to sensible, practical leaders - leaders who also completely understood the fatal effects of nuclear weapons deployment.  President Kennedy then seemed to fade from view like a person in a passing motorcade or parade, which is also where he did fade and die in history - in a motorcade.

Why a dream about a deceased leader giving a final farewell to America...unless the country he led is finally going to die and be removed.  The deceased leader would be saying a farewell, in spirit - the leader gone, but the country now dying.

President Kennedy counted on people to choose life and freedom instead of death, slavery, and destruction.  Instead, the leaders who participated in killing Mr. Kennedy chose to continue their greedy CON of extracting money and wealth from the country, began an extravagant welfare giveaway system and a war to distract 'We, The Forgotten The People', started a fraudulent money carousel type economy, allowed the discontinuation of 'Bearer Notes' in our circulated currency, further compromised the lying, bought-off media, and in general, brought us even closer to the brink of nuclear war.  In addition the killers have succeeded in removing any meaningful legal status of regular citizens.

Looking at today's deplorable situation in America leaves little doubt that much of what we had as America is gone and many of the worse conditions have erupted during this last current so-called Presidency of Barack Obama/Soetoro.  We live under conditions where police agents are readily killing unarmed persons who may simply try to assert some rights, and, in conditions of financial austerity which are caused by Congress, Supreme Court and Bankers.  As if that isn't bad enough we now have the new National Detention laws to compound the unlawful, phony annual re-declaration of emergency rule hanging over our heads.  Persons can be condemned by the press after various 'stories' are released and can then be arrested or killed and won't see a fair trial, a wholesale process of 'tried-in-the-press'.  All of this under a phony unconstitutional, unlawful so-called 'Patriot Act', a legislation Congress knew was unlawful when they passed it.

So if one is to interpret dreams it would seem that the vision of President Kennedy saying a final farewell to America could only represent goodbye to that which existed and is about to expire and exist no more.

Those who robbed and plundered this country will soon not even be able to give you the time of day.  They will suffer undying regret for utterly destroying a place where some democratic and fair solutions could have been reached, for the very means of our government will, likely, be destroyed.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The man convicted of the 2012 shooting deaths of Cpl. Jimmie Norman and Mr. Terry Taylor in Bellaire-Houston, TX. may have been under excrutiating electronic 'acoustics' at the time of the incident.  This article is dedicated to the deceased officer Norman who may not likely have suffered death in previous time periods when insurance warrants did not yet exist.  Officer Norman was, reportedly, attempting to stop the suspect because of an insurance warrant notification on the computers.  Consequently, the subject, a black motorist, probably did not know why the officer targeted him and as a result became afraid of the white cop.  This was a tragic situation similar to others which have played out repeatedly in the U.S. where persons of color have been un-Constitutionally 'profiled' and this has caused a great deal of doubt, suspicion, and even fear in the public nowadays.

Too many negative factors were involved in this tragedy.  Racial profiling?  Tracking frequencies?  Bystander motorist in pick up spoke in Spanish, probably an illegal like the one who ran over-broadsided a vehicle this editor was in.

Why should the American Public accept it that it's just okay for a cop to stop a citizen over a financial obligation, thus (temporarily?) robbing that citizen of freedom and the right to travel?  It is never going to work out that it's just okay to arrest (traffic stop is an arrest) people as a 'ho-hum' event, yet the big corporate insurance interests (insurance is 'limited liability of payment of debt') unfortunately have barged their way into manditory policies requiring so-called officers of the law to act on such financial warrants.

What Causes Persons to 'Lose It'?

The U.S. Corporate filth cabal has operated filthy ELECTRONIC-ACOUSTICS attacks against Americans right here on U.S. soil for years and years.  You hear or read the same old headlines on how person(s) went beserk and shot someone, etc., as though it was an anger incident.  If you discovered the alleged "anger" had been artificially inflicted upon unsuspecting targeted persons you might begin to see a different picture of exactly who is/was guilty of some criminal incident.

If it is true that "violence begets violence" it means that a violent act causes more violence - more violent acts, and, if artificially created anger through frequency abuse of targeted persons causes anger and mental anguish and confusion it stands to reason that those artificially created electronic 'acoustics' frequencies cause violence in some persons and can incite persons to commit violent acts.  Acts of violence sometimes include murder and assault.  Who can say how much wild paranoia can be inflicted upon an otherwise sane person?

Scientists have shown that there is a frequency for every human emotion and have even nomenclatured those frequencies.  The so-called electronic 'acoustics' surveillance involves wirelessly applying frequencies to the targeted person(s) or targeted area(s).  No formal public consideration in the form of published announcements has yet to be given to the actual traumatic effects suffered by those persons targeted under such acoustics.

It appears that an actual formal record of the application of 'running sound' on some alleged 'suspect' may not even be available since the advent of warrantless spying by military and so-called law enforcement.  Since those officers who applied warrantless spy frequencies would likely not 'come clean' and provide records of exactly who and when and where such spying was done it seems fair that all U.S. prisoners and inmates should be released as exonerated prisoners of war.  This would cover the release all those who were still imprisoned who suffered unlawful, un-Constitutional warrantless surveillance spying.

In addition to releasing U.S. PRISONERS OF WAR on 1.  frequency abuse, considerations should also be given to the abuse of U.S. persons by:

2.  Vaccines - the phony so-called medical authorities and their scams.

3.  Spraying - whether CHEMTRAILS or local sprayings, the effects of which are known to be hazardous and deadly.

4.  Gassings - deadly gasguns and underground laparoscopics and 'T-VALVES' (T-Valves described by Janet Phelan) used against citizens like acts of war.

5.  'Star Wars' Mind Control Blanket over America - includes the GWEN towers, cell towers and the programs installed under 'S.D.I.' and their deadly effects.

6.  Un-Constitutional Courts of Law - that rob citizens of their legal statuses on a by-the-second basis.

7.  Preferential Non Prosecutions of Protected Criminals - as evidenced by Mr. Rodney Stich's postings and excellent website.

8.  Unlawfully using U.S. Military Directly Against Individuals in America

9.  False Impostor U.S. Rulers - Forcing Americans to live under and follow laws and edicts of un-Constitutional rulers who are not eligible to be in office.

10.  Genocide against Americans WITHIN THE U.S. BORDERS - As at the Waco Holocaust where some eighty plus children, women and men were slaughtered and burned alive by the Hillary command center from the basement of the U.S. Whitehouse under communist criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton.

11.  Direct Robbery of U.S. Money - forcing U.S. persons to use debt-script I.O.U.'s in replacement of their real money which is, by law, "gold or silver coin".  They even took the redeemable clause off the so-called 'New Federal Reserve Notes', the first of which were issued on the day of murdered President J.F.K. funeral.

12.  Treasonous Complicity With Israel - The un-Constitutional, preferential treatment of and complicity with the nation of Israel, a direct threat to the U.S., a nation that bombed and blew the U.S.S. Liberty, American vessel. to pieces which story was largely covered up by the bought-off U.S. media.

13.  Denying U.S. Prisoners & Populations Unpoisoned, Unfluoridated Water to Drink.






SEE TOM HENEGHAN BLOG : VITAL Intelligence Updates

I was thinking this all along.  Too many things for the media to cover up and too much conflicting information for the media to back out of.  This reeks and stinks of something like a George Soros operation!

Too many reports of multiple shooters! 


See: Russian Mafia involvement, Obama protected this crime ring for 8 years.

There are even reports of people driving around in cars shooting into hotel lobbies as the incident unfolded.

Reportedly, Stephen Paddock was a government agent previously employed by the IRS. Had been a defense auditor.

Stephen Paddock outed as an undercover arms dealer involved in ‘gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious‘


Multiple Gunmen - Victim Shot By Gunman On Ground In Crowd!

One of the latest revelations about The Las Vegas Massacre is a man who says he was shot by a man on the ground in the crowd!  It was apparently a military style shooting where as many casualties as possible could be inflicted.

In fact the U.S. has apparently turned into a big military drill that is out of control.  All drills which go live and cost human lives are a travesty and an injustice.  This appears to be some military style drill which is the latest in a long line of deceptions in the U.S. which began with the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

The whole country appears to be blanketed with rogue military gangs or military intelligence gangs.  Mae Brussell, the great researcher, covered the operations of some military intelligence gangs back in her day.  Apparently these gangs have increased in number and strength and are intermingled with Satanic forces like General Aquino, etc..

Does a military or ex-military person want to buy your land?  DON'T SELL TO THEM!  KEEP YOUR LAND IN YOUR FAMILY.

Military and ex-military people have been going around seeking to buy up rural country.  You cannot tell if they want it for personal reasons or if some military operation is planned for it.  Sometimes big airdrops of dope can happen out in the country.  My guess is it's this purpose, dope-running and smuggling that they want the land for.

Neither military nor military intelligence is supposed to invade the lives of Americans.  They are not supposed to interfere like this and pervade the scene.

Give Testimony to Police/FBI in Las Vegas Massacre?  WANT TO DIE RIGHT NOW, DO YA?

October 29, 2017

A number of persons have died that reportedly gave testimony
to authorities on the Las Vegas shooting massacre.  I'll just say this:  "contribute" testimony to F.B.I. and/or authorities?  Want to die right now, do ya?  Better to not say anything, at least not right now!

The so-called authorities have their pants on fire over this shooting according to this link.  All they can do is silence the witnesses!  You know, as in The JFK Murder, The 911 Attacks, etc., etc..  Same old $hit, a different day.  Nothing new under the sun as the murder and mayhem continue in the U.S..  No law and order.  Essentially, no justice in the DOJ, just coverups and distractions for the left.

Just remember folks, it's probably one alleged pedophile that's responsible for doing lots of this crap to America, ONE ASSHOLE!  THE SAME ASSHOLE THAT IS LIKELY BEING COVERED BY TRUMP'S REFUSAL TO ISSUE THE JFK PAPERS!

Authorities Are Now Refusing To Release Any New Information About The Las Vegas Massacre – FBI Says “It Doesn’t Matter”

UPDATE - Monday, October 30, 2017

According to Tom Heneghan's blog:

Sunday   October 29, 2017
U.S. and French Military Jointly Declare "Code Yorktown" "Code Brandywine" "Code Normandy"
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

"UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that President Donald Trump has released all of the JFK 1963 assassination files with ex-CIA Director German spy George Herbert Walker Bush(Schiff) name redacted twenty-five (25) times."

See the full report here:

I think he means Sherff, not Schiff

  30 FBI Agents checked into Mandalay Bay Hotel 1-2 days before Vegas shooting?

  CONFIRMED: 30 FBI Agents checked into Mandalay Hotel 1-2 days before

   I would ask you that if 30 FBI agents checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel a day or 2 before the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre does it mean the agents were involved in the shooting?  That certainly is what it looks like!  If they were not involved in the shooting then what were they doing there?

The FBI Division 5 has been written up as involved in The JFK Assassination and The FBI was said to be linked to the Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City, and, FEMA was said to be linked to The 911 WTC Attacks.  Now we hear that up to 30 FBI agents were checked into the hotel immediately before the shooting! There you have the literal smoking gun, folks.


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