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Cops Are Real Assholes - Cop Shoots Man's Dog For No Reason.


Cops Totally Out of Control - Cops Kill Woman Who Reported Crime

July 17, 2017

To add to the injustice of the Philando Castille murder by cop is the recent shooting death of an Australian woman who was set to marry an American.  She reportedly had called 911 about a disturbance in the alley and the police responded by shooting her to death.  Dressed in only pajamas and reportedly carrying no weapon the police gunned her down and she died.

Minneapolis cops reportedly shot a woman to death for reporting an assault.  What with criminals shooting people and now police shooting people, it is a circus, a three ring circus of mayhem.  The woman was identified as Justine Damond, 40, still in the prime of life.

Only when the cops are prosecuted as murderers will they stop shooting people.  Philando Castille killed by cop and the cop got off and received $48,500 to leave the department, paid off for killing Philando.

Probably you would do better to avoid contact with any law enforcement. If you do not object and put a stop to this it could come around to you.


Australian woman fatally shot by Minneapolis police

  Justine Damond

  Cops have claimed another innocent victim.


Larken Rose Police & Military Are The Worst Criminals In The World

Very few persons are willing to admit the truth about cops because they are fearful of cops and cop retaliation, but Larsen Rose has the courage to tell it like it is.

Cops Are Cowards


A.G. Jeff Sessions Makes Cops Enemies of American People

As if it wasn't bad enough to suffer the seizures by police, now it appears they may pass legislation to seize your assets even if you are named as a suspect.  Get this; not if you are an actual suspect of a crime, but if you are named as a suspect.....means if they like your stuff they could tag it!!! What an asshole this guy is.  Can you believe the level of thievery cops have risen to?!!

Sessions turned inward against The American People instead of prosecuting Comey and Hillary Clinton!  What as asshole!!!!!!!

This would mean cops could say you are suspected of a crime and come in and take your stuff - BEFORE CONVICTION!

I agree that this guy's gotta go!

Jeff Sessions Want Police To Seize Assets of Americans Suspected of Crimes

Thanks to YouTuber - The Silverback

Sept. 14th, 2017

President Trump

President Trump, quit worrying over and paying into the Afghanistan War and do something about building the border wall and get these damned illegals out of here and END D.A.C.A. NOW!

Have you gone soft on illegal immigration?  Are your aides pushing you back and pushing you around?  What the hell is the matter with you?  You need to deport ALL ILLEGALS NOW!  Get every last one of them rounded up and GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE NOW!

Sympathy for those who broke and entered into America?  Sympathy for those who are terrorists?

What the hell did we blog so hard to get you in there for?!  What the hell are you doing?!!!!!

Who the hell cares about dreamers who steal another person's Social Security number?  Who the hell cares about those who break all the rules?!!!




Las Vegas Gunman Displays Resentment Shared By Millions

Monday, October 2, 2017

Who knows what goes through the mind of a sniper who takes out more than fifty people at a time?  Maybe he is fed up with a lot of stuff that most folks are fed up with, too.  Seeing a once great country being handed over to foreigners is a big disappointment shared by millions of Americans and we see it happening on a constant basis.

The United States is undergoing constant infiltration and sell outs.  It happens when leaders embrace treaties like N.A.F.T.A. and allow the infiltration of millions of illegal aliens into our land.  It happens when most citizens are complacent and do not give the foreigners the boot, then we see additional grief like what happened with the sniper in Las Vegas, yet another curse.  It happens when zillions of Somalis and others invade our land, some illegally, and they begin demanding and raping and killing our people.

Trump can criticize the event all he wants, but until Congress starts operating lawfully instead of Un-Constitutionally over-the-heads of The American People like a criminal enterprise, and we are re-funded and provided with lawful money, the disappointments that many share will go on to provoke more people into hopeless acts of despair. 

The gunman in Las Vegas finally gave up hope, didn't he?  He probably gave up hope on Trump's promise to rid America of illegals, he gave up hope that Congress would start operating lawfully and restore The Constitution, he gave up hope that we would ever see lawful money, he gave up hope he would not be electronically tracked and herded into a FEMA camp, and he gave up on hope that we would ever see honest, Constitutional court systems, so what the hay, nothin new under the sun.

At least he reportedly took out three off-duty (attached to unlawful court systems) (thieving) cops.  Do you know what?  To those who seek to control The American People you are not going to succeed.  The American People are going to kill you for what you have done to this country.  The Las Vegas sniper is proof!

Cop Shoots Man's Dog For No Reason.  Cops Are Real Assholes!

Not only Salt Lake City cops, but lots of cops all over the place can be real assholes - I mean real big plain old assholes!  That's saying it plain and simple.  This situation is where a cop was apparently surprised by a dog in a back yard and instead of letting himself out of private property he chose to simply murder the animal.  What the hell was the cop doing in the man's back yard while he was gone?  Larken Rose is right - cops and military are the worst.   Notice how the cop who shot the dog left the scene and the other cops are standing around nonchalantly like it's no big deal, ho hum.  Probably what happened was the cop was going in for a sneak a peak at the man's property, you know, that's where they unlawfully enter and search for evidence.  Or maybe he was going to target the guy when the guy got home and if caught say he was very in fear for his life and had to shoot the homeowner....but.....the dog objected.  So what does the cop do?  Waste the dog, of course.  Let's face it, the cop who shot the dog is the killer type.  The dog's owner may not realize it but the dog may have saved his life!  The cop may have intended to 'surprise' the guy.  Yes, folks, get used to the idea;  I do believe cops kill people.  Why wasn't the cop who shot the dog on the scene?  Probably because he was likely not in uniform.  What would a cop who entered the man's property be doing out of uniform?  Why, so he couldn't be identified if seen.  Killers don't like to be identified.  It didn't go down like they planned it, did it?  The dog got in the way.........thankfully.
As many people as the cops have gunned down, including unarmed citizens, do you think they don't murder people outright?  Sure they do!!!  They may have intended to take this guy out right in his own home.  There now, I've spelled it out for you.  Cop gets there ahead of owner while owner is gone.
Man Confronts Cop Who Shot His Dog For NO REASON!! 2015
Note the grinning pig bitch standing there, thinks it's funny they shot his dog.



Notice toward the end of this video how the cops unlawfully operate a driver license checkpoint, demanding to see the operator's driver license in a state where checkpoints are unlawful.  Cops clearly are not operating within the law on this and other issues.  COPS ARE UNLAWFUL!  HERE IS YOUR PROOF. 

This is but one example.  They may try to bully or deceive you.  If cops operated lawfully they might not be quite so overbearing, but there are people who know the laws and cannot stand cops who operate as thugs. You see why police and law enforcement are increasingly hated more and more every day by so many people?

The bottom line?  Cops can be real assholes!  Just real big shitty assholes!

 How To Deal With Unwanted Cops


Several Broward deputies waited outside during Florida school shooting, report says

Why didn't the main cop at the Florida school shooting at least try to engage the shooter(s)?!  In fact it appears that the cop was following script to allow the shooter(s) to finish  the job,  so the cop actually assisted the massacre, didn't he?  You know cops are becoming worse than useless because they are there to shake you down for your hard earned cash and belongings just as soon as they can, but they cannot do something meaningful like stop the damn shooter.  They are there to gun you down if you carry a gun or if you try to avoid them or if you reach for your drivers license too fast, but what real good are they?

In fact cops reportedly cannot even stop the Army perps from radioing you with the Active Denial System, so what good are cops?  Just like the cop at the school shooting they stand down and do nothing if you are attacked with military hardware, so they assist in causing your death.  You may not be in the military but the military can overhaul you with this system of horrific microwave.  Scientist John Mecca took his issue of being surveilled to the cops and they bowed out saying the military was involved.  So that's it they bow out when the military is involved even though the target is not military personnel.  Yeah, the cops are the ones who have authority....until it comes to helping you.

I counted no less than fourteen microwave fields directed at my home two days ago, but when I called the S.O. out to complain about a neighbor's radar a couple years ago the deputy actually said there was no such thing as 'acoustics', had never heard of it.  Talk about playing stupid!  What damn good are they?  They let the government kill us constantly, so the cops are killers, indeed!

If you don't think the Active Denial System kills people you should watch this video.  The cops are required to cooperate with military and they are killers, plain and simple.  The cops and military are just a bunch of killers!  They don't kill people just in foreign lands, they kill people right here in the U.S..  The U.S. has been turned into some kind of vile, putrid joke of a piece of $hit!!!!


Listen to what a NSA Whistleblower and retired intelligence Analyst says about the U.S.. The U.S. is shameful, pitiful, a real piece of $hit!!!!
Shielding Tips for Targeted Individuals

Cop Acoustic Frequencies
May 5, 2018

Another Cop & Suspect Dead - Cops Must Be Proud Of Heavy Acoustic Frequencies

Sometimes this editor suspects it is the heavy duty cop frequencies, or 'acoustics', which is responsible for literally driving people bat$hit!  When you hear that high pitched whine coming through your place there it can be caused by surveillance frequencies.  Another cop has died, apparently in the line of duty and one suspect is dead as a result of yet another shooting.  To tell you the truth people in general have become so dysfunctional and mean it warrants a lot of acoustic type investigations, but what is the eventual outcome?  Yeah, ah huh...another citizen and cop dead, of course.  Something about those frequencies that really abuses people and they do not respond well to them.

Indiana officer, homicide suspect killed after shootout

It happens again and again and again and has to do with people tracking.  Cops are giving up their lives so that rich assholes can track and have a financial interest in someone or someones' bonds.  It's all financial and linked to our unjust court systems.  This sort of thing continues to happen on and on and on and cops and courts keep putting those frequencies on people....and cops keep dying.

The irony of it all is that no one wins.  Like in the below video.

Montana Highway Patrol trooper shooting

College Hassle /  College Like Prison Yard / College Prison Yard

You Would Not Want To Go To College Nowadays - Just Look At This Hassle - America Is Full Of Racist Cops, PIGS - SS# Grants Jurisdiction

Racist pigs called on college students taking tour made to empty pockets undergo pat-down.  College is truly like a prison yard, nowadays.  It's just not worth it to be any place where you must undergo pat-downs and emptying your pockets.  The next thing you know you could be dragged before some cop court of so-called law and made to empty your pockets again, empty them of some real money!


Vanessa Marquez, LAPD Murders Vanessa Marquez, LAPD Murderers

Actress Vanessa Marquez Dies In A Hail Of LAPD Bullets On Verge Of Mass Exposure

Sept. 1, 2018

Police officers reportedly had just left the Church of Scientology-Pasadena before traveling to the home of Vanessa Marquez at 1133 Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena where they then murdered (with a hail of bullets) actress Vanessa Marquez, former star of ER and other movies.  Cops stayed with her 90 minutes, not an hour, under the cover of a welfare check (interrogation).  "Shot at least once" means she probably suffered many gunshots.  As nurse Wendy Goldman on 'ER' Marquez was probably a great inspiration for women, especially Hispanic women everywhere.

You see, the 'welfare check' is like an emergency and guarantees the cops' entry, so they can force an interrogation of sorts on the victim since they are concerned about the victim's welfare.  It's all bogus!  In this way a conspiracy which is about to be exposed can be contained, a resourceful tool of the U.S. government.

A welfare check that lasts 90 minutes?  Uh huh.  If a person doesn't give the right answers it could mean they're sane but know what is going on and have to be eliminated.  The reports state the police had been to her home a few times before, indicating that she was actually under surveillance.

Is the LAPD still doing 'removals' for Hollywood?  She said Clooney is gay and was scheduled to do a mass exposure when she was murdered.  When asked what was going on the LAPD didn’t immediately return Fox News' request for comment. I guess they had to get their story straight.

Do you really believe this bogus story, that she pulled a gun on cops?  We only have the cops' word for it.  UGH!  Who will the LAPD murder next?  It could be anybody!

George Clooney is a criminal degenerate for backing the ineligible criminal Barack Obama and backing the criminal Hillary Clinton.

Hail Of Bullets Cuts Down Hollywood Actress Exposing Actor George Clooney As Leader Of Gay Sex Cult


Police Kill Actress Who Accused George Clooney of Sexual Harassment Cover-up

Important Veterans Today Link & Article On Marquez Shooting

Questions Whether George Clooney Ordered The Hit On Marquez
There is some question as to whether George Clooney ordered the murder of Vanessa Marquez.

Is George Clooney A Mossad Agent?
Is The LAPD Under The Influence Of The Mossad?
If George Clooney is a Mossad agent, does that influence in Hollywood carry over to the LAPD?

Where Is The Alleged BB Gun That She Supposedly Brandished At Officers?
So far, there apparently haven't been any news conferences of the murder of this somewhat important person.  No BB gun has been displayed for the media to see, etc..  It is possible that the LAPD police broke into her home, unannounced, for the welfare check and Vanessa picked up the BB gun for some measure of protection, not knowing exactly what was going on.

It Looks Like A 'Hit' To Other News Agencies, Also
It is significant that this murder is highly suspicious to other websites and agencies, as well as to this editor.

“White Helmets Clooney” Accuser Killed by Police, Curiouser and Curiouser


illegals, criminal illegal aliens, sanctuary city, sanctuary cities, Texas, San Angelo Texas, police, San Angelo Tx. police


Jan. 12, 2019

San Angelo, TX.

A man who told police he was an illegal alien was reportedly not jailed after ramming a power pole with a truck causing heavy damages.  San Angelo, Tx. police have reportedly jailed people for expired driver licenses or no driver license, but this criminal illegal with no driver license must have a get-out-of-jail-free card with the police department.  He was merely cited and let go to supposedly honor a court date.

Police will customarily find anything and everything to arrest you or me over, but they cannot arrest this criminal illegal alien offender.  Why?  The police suck off the payroll and take taxpayers' money and for what, so they can let these criminals go?  That's very stylish to let an illegal criminal walk.  The police appear to have sided with the criminal which does not sit well with the public.

Up until now I didn't think San Angelo was a sanctuary city, but it looks like criminal illegal aliens can come in here causing big criminal damages and get off with citations and no jail, like a sanctuary city.  In a place where property taxes are nearly TWICE what Dallas, Tx. property taxes are you'd think they would at least do their jobs and jail this bird.

Remember my post on how the Social Security number grants jurisdiction to prosecute - illegal aliens don't necessarily have Social Security numbers but steal or use them temporarily.  When they want to claim Common Law rights they don't have to claim to hold a Social Security number because the numbers they used are not their own.  This is an unfair process of double standards which should have wearied the American public by now, but apparently there has been no outcry from most lawyers and so-called judges who keep raking in the dough from legal cases.

Do you now begin to get an inkling of an idea as to why people in America are so fed up, fed up with illegal aliens, fed up with do-nothing government, government that seeks to fine or arrest us at every opportunity?

Illegal Alien Crashes Into San Angelo Power Pole and Flees the Scene


sonics, sonic abuse, ultra-sonics, ultra-sonic abuse, police abuse, police sonics, police sonic abuse


Jan. 12, 2019

Finally the press has come clean on police ultra-sonic abuse.  The Davis, California man who recently gunned down an officer left a note behind accusing the Davis police department of hitting him with ultra-sonic waves.  He became so distraught that when police rookie Natalie Corona came out to attend a fender bender he apparently rode up on a bicycle and began firing at her, killing her.  She was a relative to police officials and much loved and appreciated throughout the department and it was a sad day, of course.  I know how the guy felt because they are using sonics on me 24/7 out here where I live and it is very aggravating.  It's never off and it runs constantly.

The thing to wonder about is why do police continue to allow psycho-acoustics and ultra-sonics to be applied to people.  It always generates a negative response and I'm guessing this is what is behind a lot of ambushes lately of police officers.  People tend to lose it when this sonic crap is applied so why drive people crazy like this?  See my post on THE NEW TORTURE-MURDER SURVEILLANCE OF AMERIKA which got another 4 cops killed at one time.  Cops had reportedly parked almost against the man's home with acoustics and stuff and he went down to where they were having coffee and closed on them with a handgun at close range.  One man killed 4 cops at one time.

This is madness - the police think they are right and they are wrong and just plain stupid with this stuff.  You don't straighten people out by making them angry - you only worsen the problem by making people angry, and that goes for suspects, too.  This stuff has never worked and you must be as dumb as a box of rocks to continue using it.

Every cop listen up - stop hiding behind the color of law and if your department uses this sonic crap come out from behind your badge while you can!  At least you might survive the issue.  This sonic torture abuse is becoming an apocalyptic disaster.

Keep radioing us, you bastards, and see what happened to Rome!

Cop killer claimed in note police targeted him with 'ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking'

Cop died in 'ambush' by bike-riding gunman who continued to fire shots, police chief says

See:  Portland, Oregon Joins The Street-crapper List!  Homeless Are Not All Mentally Ill.


John Filax

March 4, 2019

Do You Have Any Firearms - I Dont Answer Questions - Oath Violator Steven G. Ross 129331

How many times has this happened to motorists?  You set the speed control and get pulled over, anyway.
  Cops are arrogant with power.  Notice how long they detain this guy without cause, as though your time is not valuable.  You are just squat to power crazed cops.


Thanks to YouTuber - John Filax


cop tyrants, lard-assed cops, lard-butted cop, acoustic torture, fat-assed tyrant cop bastards


I've been treated to a new round of (jew-inspired?) acoustic torture so here's a recent rundown of fat-assed, lard-butted cop tyrants who are ignorant of the law.

Notice the big blue shirted security guy at first of video is a fat-assed, lard assed guy.  Notice the big black cop a little further on in the video is a lard-assed, fat-assed guy.  So many cops are so busy eating donuts they are lard-assed, fat-assed tyrant cop bastards and don't know the law.  Lard-assed cops should all be fired just for being overbearing when they don't know the law.

1st Amendment Audit & TYRANT FOUND

899,822 views - From the number of views of this video I'd say cops are really sucking "hind tit"!


Atatania Jefferson, cop murders black woman, police murder, Ft. Worth Texas, Ft. Worth Police murder

October 14, 2019



On Saturday, the 12th of October 2019 a white police officer came to the home of a Black woman, Atatania Jefferson, in Fort Worth, Texas and shot her to death while performing a welfare check.

If there was tension in this situation the cop created it by sneaking up on the home.  It was reportedly not called in as a prowler incident, so why didn't he announce himself and knock at the front door?   The cop gave the victim no time to respond to his command to "show me your hands".  He was was still in the sentence of "put your hands up, show me your hands" when he fired at her killing her.  The cop literally murdered this woman, apparently out of his own fear.

If the system tries to protect this guilty cop they will suffer greatly for such a wrong.  They have no choice but to 'throw the cop under the bus' and prosecute him.

Like I said, cops are bad news.  How often do they have good news?  The less contact you have with law enforcement the better off you are.  So that's it, eh?  Cops can command you to show your hands while they shoot you to death.  Cops are dangerous bad news.  See Cops Are Cowards.

UPDATE - The officer involved in this death has been charged with murder.
Fort Worth police officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson arrested on murder charge

VIDEO - Woman shot, killed by Fort Worth police in her home

Anna Von Reitz, Joint Chiefs Complicit, Joint Chiefs do nothing

Jan. 16, 2021

Yes, I Am Angry -- Joint Chiefs Complicit

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I Am Angry -- Joint Chiefs Complicit - By Anna Von Reitz

Let's take a little walk down memory lane. Let's go back to 1975.Wisconsin was still reeling from the then-recent memory of the Milk Riots, where farmers acting in support of the National Farmers Organization (NFO) dumped millions of gallons of milk on the streets and down the storm drains of Milwaukee and other cities in protest of rigged commodity markets and rigged bank loans that were forcing the farmers to operate at a loss and causing the loss of family farms to agricultural conglomerates throughout the Midwest and the Western States.Let's go back to the round oak table in my Mother's dining room and General Roy Schwasingersitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand and a very intense look on his face as he said, "It's all a con game."The Joint Chiefs of Staff had "cause to know" that something was desperately wrong in this country in 1975. They were told. They did nothing.In 1980, SCOTUS was also told. They agreed that General Roy and the Farmers were correct intheir claims and charges, but since those claims and charges were addressed to a bankrupt corporation, they claimed that they could do nothing to provide remedy, so the findings were useless in terms of remedy or relief, and were promptly "sealed".Again, the Joint Chiefs of Staff had "cause to know" and did nothing.As a result, millions of Americans have lost their homes, farms, and businesses. As a result, millions of Americans have suffered broken marriages and broken families. As a result, millions of Americans have received faulty substandard educations. And millions more have languished in jail for crimes they didn't commit and for victimless "crimes", and have suffered under forms of law that never applied to them. Millions more paid large portions of their earnings as "income taxes" when they didn't have a penny of "Federal" income to tax, and paid 7.5% of their gross earnings as "Social Security Taxes" because they were "mistakenly" enrolled in a "Federal" pension insurance scheme they were never eligible for in the first place.Millions of Americans have been impersonated and mischaracterized in flagrant violation of both the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Conventions and this has been going on full bore under the noses of the Joint Chiefs for over fifty years and they haven't done a goddamned thing to stop it.Millions of Americans have had their constitutional guarantees denied and stomped on by District Courts operating in ways that District Courts are not allowed to operate and addressing "subject matter" that District Courts are not allowed to address under any Constitution--- and the Joint Chiefs have sat there like so many toads and they have done nothing to stop it.

Instead, they have profited themselves from it.Our military leaders have proven to be dishonest, worthless, disloyal, incompetent, sanctimonious shills in 1865, in 1907, in 1933, in 1953, in 1975, in 1988, in 2008, in 2014, and as far as I can see, are still sitting on their velvet rumps making excuses now.I read the "Memorandum" these men sent out to all branches of our military, talking about how they support the Constitution --- and I wanted to throw up.If the Joint Chiefs and their Predecessors had supported the actual Constitution and done theirjobs, then our country would not be in crisis now. We and the rest of the world could have been spared two World Wars and countless mercenary conflicts. All the millions of Americans who have been harmed and denied their constitutional guarantees could have lived in the peace and the safety that they are owed by these big, fat, bloated, useless Toads.And we would not be listening to a bunch of sanctimonious crap from men who are duplicitously acting as Municipal Officers when in fact the Municipality of Washington, DC, andits "Government" have grossly usurped against both the actual Federal Constitution and The Constitution of the United States of America.These "Municipal" Joint Chiefs are phonies. Fakes. Not occupying the offices they are supposed to be occupying. They are dodging their actual duties owed to the actual people and States of this country ---- again.Out of respect for their calling and their years in grade, I might be inclined to "respect" them and "trust" them, but I have history staring me in the face, and at least fifty years of my own direct experience with these yahoos, and I know what they are doing and I know what they should have done a long time ago and what they failed to do ---- and what it cost us all.So I am not trusting them and I am not respecting them. I am calling them on the carpet as their employer and demanding immediate action to put a stop to any further usurpation by the Municipal Government, and failing that, I am declaring the Joint Chiefs in Mutiny against the lawful government of these United States.When you are aware of a crime against humanity and against Public Law and against the Constitutions, and you don't do anything to stop it, you are an accomplice to the crime. Every man who signed that Memorandum has "cause to know" what his actual duty is. Every single one of them has "cause to know" that the Municipal Government has acted outside its constitutional role and authority to the detriment of this country and its people.The obligation of the Joint Chiefs to stand against crime applies to them just as it applies to anyone else, and under international Military Law, these men are treading the fine line of treason, piracy, and a host of other exceedingly serious crimes.So this is our message back to the Joint Chiefs this morning: you owe your allegiance to this country and your service is under The Constitution of the United States of America, not The Constitution of the United States.Get your rumps in gear and do the right thing, or you will be identified as part of the problem and removed from office without further ado.----------------------------See this article and over 2900 others on Anna's website

To support this work look for the PayPal buttons on Anna's website.

Lessee now, and the Joint Chiefs would prolly say something like, "ah, er, yeah, we couldn't exactly do something because, ah, er, we're such a money-grubbing bunch of $h*t-a$$es, you know."


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