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The Shallow Left - All Of A Sudden It's About The Children
                George Carlin Tells You The Truth About The System - VIDEO - Best 3 Minutes of His Career


Oct.2, 2017

Congress and U.S. leaders seem to think their stranglehold on The American People is okay.  They nonchalantly continue operating a fraudulent money carousel and force The American People onto a STATUS OF CREDIT and they think people will buy it.  Did the sniper gunman in Las Vegas buy it???!!!  NO!!!!

They force you to put a Social Security number on your driver's license form, indicating a STATUS OF CREDIT, but they allow an unlawful impostor to have occupied the highest office in the land!  Do The American People buy it?  NO!!!!!

Failure after failure, these failures like the Las Vegas sniper attack will come as a shock to people who are not awake.  There are many knowledgeable people who don't buy this crap and sincerely reject the skullduggery and unlawful antics of THE POWERS THAT WERE.

The weakest leadership requires a declared emergency like the one declared at the end of the year, usually by the POTUS.  It means super police power exerted over the populace, yet those same police authorities are powerless to stop future killings like the Las Vegas sniper attack.  Weak, weak, weak leadership.  No leadership.

On and on it goes and you'd think they would do the right thing and refund the dollar and stop declaring that emergency every fall of the year, but what do you see?  More idiocy!  Is it any wonder that ball players and others object by 'taking the knee'?  Congress and our U.S. leaders are the dumbest, meanest, most stubborn, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks idiots I have ever seen.

Chemtrailing goes on and on like it's a regular thing, just as unlawful as hell!

They prosecute people and cast them into prisons for owing money, for possessing some marijuana, and so on, but they installed a completely fraudulent POTUS when they put Obama in.  What the hell kind of justice is that??!!!  They have no vision of proportions of justice, just expect us to take it, year after damn year after year.  On with the mental health lessons you must learn, but put a completely unlawful POTUS in office.  It reeks and stinks of idiocy and complete insanity, yet they continue on.....like a bunch of dumb-asses!

What a bunch of dumb-asses you leaders are!!!!!  Just plain out and out assholes!


Trump Saddles Americans With Income Tax - Cooperates With Unconstitutional Banking Cartel - UGH!

If President Trump wanted to do the right thing he would tell Americans the truth, that the income tax is voluntary, and, he would abolish the I.R.S. and create a collection agency so Americans could donate funds to America.  What did he do?  He rewrote the taxation and saddled Americans with more income tax!  By continuing with the same old -same old Un-Constitutional practices he really didn't do anything for The American People, did he?  Kind of a slight of hand, tell you how much he's doing for you and do the same old thing.

Need money for a border wall Mr. Trump?  Stop the phony foreign wars and bring all the troops home - that will fund it right there.

There have been some important court decisions rendered lately and Americans do not owe an income tax.  Maybe Donald Trump is ignorant of this fact or maybe he's pretending not to know.  At any rate he is cooperating with an Un-Constitutional banking cartel called The Federal Reserve Corporation, a private banking outfit that is not owned by the federal government.

Same old same old!  NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.  UGH!

GOP Tax Reform: Poison And More Obfuscation     By Devvy Kidd


asshole legislators

Jan. 20, 2018

Many of you are familiar with violent offender laws and the punishment that goes along with being a violent offender.  The frequencies which are placed upon individuals who have suffered a conviction for a serious or violent crime are horrendous.  Why do you hear about people running to an overpass and getting under the freeway to escape the infra-red radar and horrible frequencies.  Yes, truly, at present the government of the U.S. has discarded and condemned many people who have suffered convictions for crimes.


We know that these frequencies are harmful and cause a host of maladies ranging from heart attack and stroke to cancer.  One would think the U.S. would be kinder than to attack those who have done their time, done their probation and paid their fines, but no, the U.S. attacks them with frequencies.  If you've done your time you should be completely given a clean slate to get your rights back and vote, own firearms, etc..  In fact, anyone on the outside of a prison or mental lockup should have their rights back, but, the federal government doesn't see it that way.  The government thinks that convicted persons should pay beyond doing their time, maybe pay forever.  We have a wicked government full of wicked legislators who sit as Gods overruling 'We, The Forgotten People'.  These wicked legislators are real assholes beyond compare.  It is surprising that people don't wait on them anywhere they can to kill them for what they are doing.

If America's lawyers and judges were worth a damn they would have objected to this practice and demanded convicted persons be awarded their rights back.  You don't see that as they sit silently collecting the money.


Now that we have it down that the U.S. government is killing people with frequencies, whether slowly or all in one burst, let's begin to address the problem of who is going to replace the condemned American People on jobs out there.  You know, those great big glorious jobs that the late George Carlin referred to?  With a nation full of condemned people which the lawyers gave up and made money off of condemning, there must be some way to replace those poor souls.

Therein lies the answer to immigration and why the legislators are so determined to bring in zillions of immigrants, both legal and illegal.  They literally must find a way to economically carry on the workforce of America.  By bringing in bucketloads of immigrants they are assured that those who were condemned out of jobs can be replaced with cheaper labor.  It's sad, but it's true - THE CURRENT U.S. GOVERNMENT WOULD RATHER HIRE PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY, SCABS, THAN TO AWARD A CONVICTED PERSON THEIR RIGHTS BACK.


Asked for your pension or were interested in joining a union, maybe getting a pay raise?  The asshole legislators have determined that you are too much trouble, and, many of them are heavily invested in those U.S. companies, so they don't want you.  You can be replaced with cheaper labor if they can only get those illegal aliens citizenship.  U.S. legislators are some of the biggest assholes that God ever let live.


A legislator while serving should have no investments, not be a career politician, and should move on and be replaced with another volunteer.  The pay scale should be low enough that it would be a service for one to hold office, a service to the country and not a service of self-enrichment.


No one who abuses people with acoustics is going to enter into the kingdom of heaven.  They are destined to go to hell for torturing people, torturing some into suicides.  That tells you where lots of cops are headed!  It also tells you where those who legislated it are headed.

You want to know why many people just don't give a damn anymore?  They have discovered how evil and mean these so-called lawmakers are.  This leaves no incentive to improve life, to improve the country, to help save lives.  It causes people to want to destroy.


This editor just wanted you to know how despicable and low down and underhanded our legislators and government are.  They are mean and wicked beyond compare!  This editor will dance in the streets and rejoice when they are strung up from the lamposts!  Good riddance!


Democrat Traitors


Jan. 31, 2018

Notice how the Democrats were all clammed up and pouty, especially at the State of the Union address.  Donald Trump wasn't supposed to win according to them and their crooked F.B.I.!  The word is out on the Democrats - they are simply traitors who offer The American People nothing.  They will bend over backwards to help a foreigner, an illegal immigrant, a communist, but when it comes to helping good old Ma and Pa American, forget it, the Democraps are useless!

They pass one treaty after another like NAFTA, robbing The American People of jobs and then they, like true communists, pat themselves on the back.

Apparently there is or was a Democrap cell within the FBI that was or is willing to murder people to continue the business as usual and get a Democrap bitch into the White House at all costs.  The FBI is a criminal organization long dedicated to the rich and should be abolished.  Nancy Pelosi is an absolute zero and showing her true communist colors more and more.

The Democraps will go!  In the near future it is looking more and more like the Democrap party will end because The American People have seen through them and their ruinous agendas.  Like a crooked corporation, they will have to at least re-org and call themselves something else.  How could a self respecting individual call himself or herself a Democrat?!  They should be ashamed to call themselves Democrats for they are all JUNK!  The Democrats really are traitors!

Democrats are traitors!!


The Shallow Left - All Of A Sudden It's About The Children

June 30, 2018

All of a sudden The Left, including Hillary Clinton, are moaning about the children, that childrens' lives are at stake, yet you didn't hear one word or peep from them about this issue for the eight years the king of impostors, Barack Obama, held the presidency.  Why the sudden focus on the children?

It's because The Left can only resort now to game playing and they are playing the people with pretenses.  It is possible they care about the children but were oh-so-silent about the separation of children from their parents all through the entire Obama years.  Now The Left consists only of game players, complainers focusing in on this and that, finding fault where they can, just a bunch of whiners.

The Left is now just a rather shallow bunch of whining bought off a$$holes that, like Henry David Thoreau characterized the do gooders, "peeping in at every window" to see if the meat is tainted yet, etc., etc., just a worthless lot of complainers.

Because of The Left, a bunch of sore losers and whiners, there will be a limited amount of work done in government.  Wherever The Left's cooperation is needed it will generally not be there in favor of complaining, instead, increasing THE STRANGLEHOLD OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.


vaccinations, mandatory vaccinations, banking, vaccinations to do banking, MARK OF THE BEAST, frequencies, Jew wars, Israel, We The Forgotten People, A Land Of Emergencies,  Media is Crooked, nano-technology, Lyndon Johnson,  War on Poverty, police state


Jan. 3, 2019

Mandatory Vaccinations To Do Banking

Would it surprise you if one day the U.S. government issued a proclamation that everyone must receive a mandatory vaccination to do business as usual, including banking business?  Why would that surprise you?  After all, the U.S. lives on a fraudulent money carousel of trillions of dollars of borrowed money which it cannot pay and has been involved in illegal, unjust foreign Jew wars that benefit Israel.   Why wouldn't the U.S. goverment do anything else that pleases it since it does not listen to 'We, The Forgotten People' anymore?  If you went down to the bank and demanded your money should such severe requirements be imposed, you would be handcuffed and led away to be quarantined and to receive your mandatory vaccination.  Perhaps you would be given a choice of taking the shot or self imposed euthansia.


You might have wondered how the MARK OF THE BEAST could be issued and how it could be resisted.  Your money in the bank can be withdrawn subject to certain conditions and if such a new condition is imposed as an emergency measure no one could withdraw their funds unless they comply with the new requirement.  The new requirement, of course, would be to receive THE MARK OF THE BEAST as a vaccination.  You didn't think the vaccine makers were putting all those heavy metals in vaccines for nothing did you?  No sir, those metals can react with frequencies and produce traumatic changes in the body according to nano-technology science.  With your new innoculation against some pre-arranged disease you would then be under the control of cell towers and other frequencies.

A Land Of Emergencies

You see, we live in a land of emergencies and every fall of the year an emergency is declared so the police state can enjoy maximum power over the people.  Why do you think the U.S. is constantly involved in wars?  That's right, so it can redeclare another emergency and operate unjustly just as it always does.  Lyndon Johnson had his 'War on Poverty' which was declared an emergency as well as the 'Viet Nam War' which was declared an emergency.  An outbreak or declared outbreak of disease could be the excuse for declaring a medical emergency and those vaccine makers could make a fortune selling mandatory vaccines.

No One Is Safe When The Media Is Crooked

Most folks not sitting on their brains admit the media is crooked and if the media assists such a plot to vaccinate the public it might succeed but with some holdouts, of course.  The whole nation is at risk as long as the media is crooked.  You didn't think a government system would do that, impose mass mandatory vaccination?  Why wouldn't they, especially when the government is as crooked as the U.S. government is?  This U.S. government generally does any damn thing it wants to do regardless of what the people want so don't be surprised if they pull this stunt.


George Carlin

George Carlin Tells You The Truth About The System - VIDEO - Best 3 Minutes of His Career

After decades of watching The U.S. degrade into what it is, with all his experience and knowledge comedian George Carlin calls them by name and tells you how it is now.  Warning some strong language.

George Carlin "The American Dream" Best 3 Minutes of His Career - VIDEO



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