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July 13, 2023

A host of my dead friends and relatives who were in military service died fairly young from stuff like 'brief illnesses' so what did they all have in common?  I think most of them suffered the Viet Nam era shots and injections, the innoculations for military service which are administered with airguns.  In fact when the injections used to be given on one arm I have seen pictures of modern day recruits getting shots simultaneously in both arms!  They are really getting loaded up with venom.

1. My cousin, a former Marine several years older than me died in 2006 at 59 years of age.  He was as strong as an ox when he was young and I even witnessed him picking up an old motor block bare handed to load it onto a trailer, a very strong guy.  However when he left the Marines and went to work for Mobile Oil he was going to night school to study law and become an attorney and he began experiencing health problems which sent him to the doctor.  I think from that time on he gradually declined in health and eventually died in 2006, a rather early demise.  I am certain he was unable to avoid the dreaded Viet Nam series of military innoculations and I have come to believe his life as well as the lives of others were shortened quite a bit due to the vaccines. A Marlboro cigarette smoker didn't go well with the vaccines.

2.  My buddy in Corpus Christi - Charles Stuart Keever (Skip) passed away at 70 after a brief illness in 2020 in Galveston, Texas. I had tried to find Skip online and touch base with him but couldn't find anything on him because I couldn't remember his full name, having known him as just 'Skip', but the obituary included the name 'Skip' in his name and I finally found him ..... dead.  We used to play tennis in Corpus Christi, Texas and attended the same high school.  He lived in my apartment complex which was close to our high school and it was nice to find a friend in the place where I had gone to live with my aunt for the year.

Skip was in the U.S. Naval Reserve for perhaps at least 6 or more years, was honorably discharged in 1977, and must have gotten the dreaded Viet Nam era shots that were administered to most all military personnel at that time.  Skip retired in 2019 and died the following year at 70 not able to enjoy much retired life, fishing and playing golf, and leaving widow Mary behind.  It seems to me that he could have enjoyed a lot of retired life traveling around with Mary if he had lived awhile.  I guess those Marlboro cigarettes finally took his breath away.

3.  Former merchant - A former merchant friend of mine died in 2010 at about 77 years of age, a U.S. Army veteran (1956-1958) who must have been heavily  innoculated as all vets are.  You notice that some of these folks live to get into their seventies and then die, sometimes of brief or sudden illnesses like their bodies suddenly undergo catastrophic failures.

4. Former professor - A former professor which I was acquainted with died at 76 in 2014.  I think his branch of service was U.S. Army and he must have undergone many of those dreaded military shots.  I remember reading that he had retired but evidently he did not get to enjoy retired life for long.

5. Ex-girlfriend's husband - The husband of my former girlfriend in the mid seventies died last year early in 2022.  His branch of service was U.S. Navy, having served aboard The USS Simon Lake, discharged in 73.  He died at 72, again barely getting into his seventies.  It looks like he served at least 4 years so I'm sure he was injected with the Viet Nam war series of shots from those dreaded airgun delivery systems.

6. Glenn Corbett - Actor Glenn Corbett  (born Glenn Edwin Rothenburg; August 17, 1933 January 16, 1993)  the very handsome actor on television's 'Route 66', one of the cleanest cut guys in the business.

Actor Glenn Corbett, died of lung cancer at 59, was in the United States Navy as a Seabee.  Corbett officially died of lung cancer but certainly must have taken the military shots which might have accelerated the cancer.  Why do some people who have been vaccinated with military shots literally burn up very quickly, don't even make it to 60?  Something about smoking cigarettes doesn't go well with vaccines.


7.  Pvt Kerry Max Brannon - BIRTH 25 Sep 1951 - DEATH 6 May 1996 (aged 44) Dead at 44, a Marlboro cigarette smoker, Kerry reportedly served in Viet Nam.  Something about those cigarettes and vaccines, shots.

8.  Carl Louis Welty - SN US NAVY KOREA - BIRTH 22 Jul 1930, DEATH 8 Oct 1991 (aged 61)Carl Welty was a friend of mine who served in the U.S. Navy in Korea and had to have taken the military shots and innoculations. I think he was a smoker but I don't remember what brand he smoked. He didn't even make it to get that Social Security money - something about those cigarettes and vaccines doesn't go well together.

9.  Lt. Paul Alfred Woodin - U.S. Army - Vietnam - BIRTH Dec. 23, 1940, DEATH July 8, 1992 - AGED - 51.  Paul Woodin's parents both outlived him by a number of years.  A cigarette sucker who posted at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Paul served at least one hitch in Vietnam.  Paul must have undergone many Army injections, especially when going to Vietnam.  He didn't even come close to receiving his Social Security retirement, and, there's just something about those cigarettes combined with military injections that doesn't go well together.


It seems to me that military shots may be designed to kill you at a later date than your service so that it does not look like the shots are responsible for your death.  I think some victims of these shots literally 'burn up' and die within a few years of taking them.  One famous internet tv host says vaccines almost always attack your pancreas so I guess that's why I'm type 2 diabetic now.  I don't think 70 or so years of age is exactly a full life or excessively old and people should be allowed to live out their lives to the fullest.  If vaccines and shots shorten your life at all they are murder.

These shots and vaccines are no good and this U.S. country is plagued with crooked authorities and crooked Department of Defense which issues the deadly venom.  (In fact it was the D.O.D. who was issuing the deadly Covid - 19 shots.)  This is like a dirty secret, a national disgrace which is ongoing and I would not serve in the military as long as they are determined to inject me.  Why in the hell do they destroy the very people designated to defend this nation?  Answer: They intend to destroy this U.S. country and they are doing a very effective job of it.  The military shots and vaccines are an American Holocaust.

So when you see a soldier and think 'strong guy' you are wrong.  A soldier who has been innoculated with all those shots is weak indeed because if your body's vital function is depleted you are 'for it'.


See:  No More Military Service Obligation originally a 2006 article

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