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Bus Stop
Marilyn Monroe in the film, Bus Stop

As an original champion of bus service Marilyn would certainly be severely disappointed if she could see the shambles of bus service these days.  (1.)

Jan. 2, 2018

In times gone by people could get on a bus and travel across America pursuing their dreams and happiness without fear or worry of suffering violence, kind of like it was in the film, 'Bus Stop', starring Marilyn Monroe.  Not so in today's world of constant violence at transportation centers across America. 
As an original champion of bus service Marilyn would certainly be severely disappointed if she could see the shambles of bus service these days.  Look at all the violent incidents at B.A.R.T. locations.  What really happened at the recent AMTRAK derailment in Washington state?  What's really happened to general public safety in America these days?  Gangs, thugs, and violent religions permeate the scene, don't they?  When it gets to where good old Greyhound Bus Lines is plagued with armed thugs it is enough to make a person stop and give pause to what's going on.

Since integration occurred the single most by-product is violent crime.  Integration is therefore a major cause of violence.  Black and White races do not get along.  It actually looks like Whites are the most race tolerant and Black are the least race tolerant.

 4 shot at Greyhound bus station in Virginia


Bus Stop Thumb Poster    (2.)  Fair Use Clause - no copyright infringement intended

This Editor Nearly Shot In A Greyhound Bus Station

Black Gun Violence

When I saw this article I thought about my own near-death experience in a Greyhound Bus station in St. Louis, Mo..  I had been casually talking to a Black guy on my right when a Black guy stepped up in front of me and stuck what I figure was a gun in a sweater up towards my face.  ????  I didn't understand what was going down and looked to my right at the guy I had been talking to and he got up and said something to the guy like, "It's all sweaty and hot in here, let's go outside", which must have been the code phrase to abort the shooting.  The Black security guard had mysteriously taken a powder and was not in the central waiting room there when it happened.  I figure he was given a signal to leave.

They let me go, probably figuring I was innocuous and harmless.  I gave the guy I had been renting from a month's notice that I was to leave, but he apparently had some connections and did not want me to leave, so he must have somehow ordered this action against me.  He was an elderly smoker and would not comply with my request to not smoke in my room.  When he would come in to visit I figured it was to inspect the place for signs of drugs, weapons and the like. When everyone else, including his Black friends, forgot him on his birthday I was kind enough to take him out in my rental car to Bonanza Steak House and buy him a birthday dinner.  Maybe it's better to save your money and not be so nice to people.  Something was definitely 'going on' back in 2007-2008 in St. Louis.  Read about my pad being close to the hammer attack, etc. at:
Man Killed in Hammer Attack Near This Editor's Former Pad - Not the First Area Street Murder

Do they really need a reason to shoot you if you're White?  Nawwww, maybe they just don't like White people, all the more reason to reintroduce integration.

If I had not had to bring the stupid rental car back I would not have had to take the stupid bus and it would not have happened.  Don't rent cars that you must return to the original location if it's not convenient.  Lesson; DON'T GO BACK.  When you leave, LEAVE.


4 shot at Greyhound bus station in Virginia


Training Excercise Goes Live

When authorities need to apprehend a dangerous wanted criminal they should simply proceed with the attempt to arrest the suspect instead of holding a training excercise in the vicinity of the suspect.  This editor figures it may be possible that there was a target for arrest in the area of this bus station in Richmond, Va..

This training exercise 'went live' and two people were killed, the state trooper and a so-called gunman.  Also it is reported that bystanders where shot.

So who controls the bus stations here in America?  Gangs?  A religion?  A religion like a gang?  Thinking of all the violence at B.A.R.T. locations, thinking of the recent AMTRAK derailment and what could have caused it, and, considering this editor's own near death experience at a bus station, transportation centers should be considered dangerous places.  We live in days of vengeance where public places are not safe anymore.  If you must go through them it might be best to not spend any more time in such places than necessary.


Don Murray, Marilyn Monroe

Left to right, Don Murray and Marilyn Monroe in 'Bus Stop'.


Greyhound bus crash in Utah kills girl, 13, injures 12 others



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Jan. 10, 2018

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the first Jewish congresswoman elected from Florida.  She was a national campaign co-chair for Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2008 run for president.  She was elected chairperson of the Democratic National Committee (crime party) in May 2011, but resigned after a collection of hacked emails was released that she and other members of the DNC staff showed bias against candidate Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton. She was then reportedly appointed honorary chair of the Clinton campaign's "50 state program"

QAnon also claims Debbie Wasserman Schultz contracted MS-13 gang to kill Seth Rich

According to Tom Heneghan, Infowars and others there is a shocking claim by QAnon that Wasserman Schultz contracted with MS-13 gang members to murder Seth Rich.  Of course the real culprit who would be behind this is Hillary Clinton.  Now you see why so many liberal politicians morbidly try to defend those illegal gang members with their stupid open borders policy - they need to recruit more gang members to go after and hit their political opponents and anyone else they want to kill.  Want to know why so many liberals want to keep these illegals?  They need more killers to get you down.  They need to hire more killers.

Is there anything that Hillary Clinton would not do?  No, especially if it is unethical.  This editor is a firm believer that Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered in addition to those 80 plus men, women and children of Waco, Tx. and others,  and we have been harboring this murderer, Clinton, for decades.  This country should hope that Hillary is prosecuted, never to see the light of day or receive any press again.

Now you see why it is so dangerous to have gang members casually living in your neighborhood.  They could turn on you in a moment's notice and come after you and your family.  Living close to them?  Move.

Now that we have all these Hispanic gangs like MS-13 and other gangs, one can hardly ride the bus safely anymore.  There are literally millions of these criminals wandering around all over the place.  If they murdered someone as important as Seth Rich do you think they would have any qualms about murdering you?


 Janice Zengotita-Torres
Puerto Rican Immigrants Murder Wrong Woman - Too Many Foreigners In U.S. [from shithole countries]

Jan. 13, 2018

3 arrested after Osceola County woman killed in botched murder-for-hire plot, sheriff says

3 arrested in Florida murder-for-hire plot in which wrong woman was killed

Not that murdering anyone is the 'right' person, but some Puerto Rican immigrants who just moved here around Christmas have already been in the murder business, apparently.  They are suspects in a case where they allegedly kidnapped and murdered the wrong woman, Janice Zengotita-Torres, 42, in a murder for hire plot.

After they realized they had the wrong woman they killed her anyway.....just for good measure, perhaps.

There are wanna-be murderers on the loose nearly everywhere in the U.S. nowadays, thanks to open borders and lax immigration policies.  How did these murderous people get in the U.S.?  Just decided to go to U.S. and set up shop.....murder business?

If President Donald Trump made reference to these "shithole countries" he is 100%  correct and accurate and should not be criticized for it.  This murder stuff is normal for people from shithole countries.  If what they export is murder they are, in fact, SHITHOLE COUNTRIES.  The United States should end all immigration for the next 100 years and hold every person within its borders 100% accountable for their actions.

Can't even ride the bus anymore without the danger of being killed.


Bus Stop Trailer

dreamer threatens passengers


Can't even ride the bus anymore without danger of getting killed

Jan. 14, 2018

Greyhound bus chased by police after illegal immigrant threatens passengers

Another whiny baby 'dreamer' that was reportedly deported 5 times has really pulled a terror stunt.  Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, threatened passengers on a bus from Wisconsin to Illinois and reportedly caused a lot of trouble in general.  Just look at the trouble caused by these illegals!  They should all be chipped and shipped out so they cannot enter the U.S. again.

These whiny baby so called 'dreamers' are all over the place in the U.S. creating big problems for people, creating big problems for law enforcement, endangering the populace.  Move them all out now!

Can't even ride the bus safely anymore because of 'dreamers'.  UGH!


Bus Stop Trailer



 Feb. 4, 2018

Whatever the reason, an AMTRAK passenger train plowed into some parked train cars killing the conductor and engineer and sending over a hundred people to hospitals.  The Silver Star was headed for Miami when the wreck happened in or near Cacye, South Carolina Sunday.  This makes at least three bad wrecks for AMTRAK within two months!



A particular problem of these wrecks and also airliner crashes is the seats coming loose under impact and slamming into whatever is in front of them.  In airliner crashes the people are crushed from G forces under the weight of all those seats.  Here the same principle worked against the passengers.

There seems to be some misunderstanding about whether the parked train cars belonged on the set of tracks that the passenger train was on, so this editor is saying that AMTRAK is now unsafe to ride, whatever the reason for the trainwrecks.  If the train companies cannot get it straight which trains should be on which tracks then forget it, it's over, and trains are no longer safe transportation.  This editor, not an alarmist, can reasonably state that AMTRAK is not safe to ride right now.

Is this the result of corporate downsizing?  Not enough personnel?  Dumb-assed personnel?  Reliance on computers when humans should make judgement calls?

What's happened to public safety in America lately?  Like most good things in the U.S. it is fleeting or gone.  Marilyn would be severely disappointed if she could see things today!


Bus Stop Trailer

dog attacks


Some folks might not want to shoot their neighbor's dog when it attacks at the mailbox, but this dog on the loose thing is a real big problem for people nowadays.  This editor never did like to get jumped on when it's unexpected.  Something about getting jumped by people or dogs when you least expect it seems kind of unfair doesn't it?  It's kind of mean and ornery and may leave you a bit off guard and irritated, but take heart, there are remedies on hand that you should carry with you at all times, especially when you are in open places like the mailbox.

Needless to say, if more than one opponent should attack this editor at one time this editor would have no hesitation to use a weapon on them.  When a beast of any kind should attack it goes the same, use the weapon, because you simply cannot afford to undergo those dreaded rabies shots.

Strange or stray dogs, especially domestic dogs, have no business on your property.  Any neighbor who is so overbearing to fail to control them is unfit as a good neighbor.

When you are on your own property you have the right to defend yourself, especially against animals that may trespass and attack you or your family.  A neighbor's dog here seems to think this editor's driveway belongs to him and he's been constantly nipping at this editor's heels, especially today when he became bolder and came within a few feet barking, growling, and lunging.  He loves to sneak up behind and this dog has tried to bite this editor before.  He literally snaps at your hand, you know.  If you don't withdraw your hand it will result in dogbite.   No fear, however, since dogs are flesh and blood and vulnerable, also.

  1.   Dog Sticker   
  2.     cut nail
  3.    file sharp
  4.     Dremel_point

The stick you use to pick up trash with has a metal point on it so is ideal for repelling animals. (1) It can be cut from 8' to four and a half or five feet for dog spiking.  If you cannot buy one you can make one from a 6' or 8' x 2"x 2" piece of lumber (actually it is 1 & 1/2" x 1 & 1/2" square) by driving a large nail, about a 16d, into the end of it, leaving about half of it sticking out, and (2)hacksawing the nailhead off or shearing it off with pliers.  Make sure the 2"x 2" doesn't have any big knots in it which could cause it to break.  (3)Take a sharp file to the remaining blunt nail shaft and sharpen it back up to where it is plenty sharp and you have a genuine trash picker upper.  If the nail tends to split the board you could drill a smaller pilot hole in the board first, about a 1/16" to 3/32" drill bit, and even apply some epoxy in the hole before driving the nail in.  Alternatively you can drill a pilot hole, install a large woodscrew in the hole and hacksaw off the head and grind it with a (4)Dremel rotary tool or sharp file to sharpen it.

You can also use a 2"x 4" or a sturdy mop handle or shovel handle or broom handle if necessary.  It's nice to build it the suggested way, sanding it and possibly applying some sealer to seal against any splinters.  Then you can paint it or varnish it.  You can round the handle end a bit, cutting some of the corners down and sanding it.

If you have to you can hold a dog at a good distance using the spike stick and thrusting it at the offending dog if necessary.  Just keep the stick between you and the dog and pointed at the animal at all times.  If the spike is too long it may seriously damage or kill the animal.  Oh well.

Warning: trash picker uppers may not be allowed in your area according to local ordinances, so check your ordinances before making it.  In that case perhaps the best you can do is just use the stick as a club and go 'golfing' with it.  Imagine; a two dollar piece of wood could save your life!

Dogs on the loose have become a serious problem in many areas of the U.S..  One man out for a jog was mauled to death by two large Cane Corsos and reportedly said something to those who came to help him like, "please help me, I don't want to die".  Of course by that time it was too late as he had been severely injured and died anyway.  He had previously beat cancer, but all for nothing.  Dogs from the same property had reportedly bitten people several times before.  Dogs are a serious problem and can be absolutely lethal.  Wouldn't it feel stupid to be cornered by a bunch of mean dogs and get mauled to death?!




gun humor

Girl no. 1, "if the cops find that gun in your purse you're liable to get arrested", Girl no. 2, "yeah, but if some asshole catches us without it we're liable to get dead!"

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