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The Umarex XCP CO2 .177 Pistol - Attractive 2 Tone Copy Of The TDP45
July 10, 2018


The new hard hitting Umarex XCP CO2 Semi-Automatic BB pistol is an attractive two tone spitting image of the Umarex TDP45 and shoots steel BBs only. 
As you can see the XCP sports an attractive two tone color scheme, earth colored bottom frame and trigger guard and silver slide on top.  The original Umarex TDP45 is black.
Right side of the XCP  -  Please adjust your screen brightness to 80%-90% brightness to view photos.

Note the close similarity to the Umarex XBG which is Amazon.com's best selling air pistol.
The manual says up to 20 BBs capacity but you might experience less or no jamming if loading 18 or 19 BBs.
Note the XBG at top has an extended beavertail grip which protrudes beyond the slide at the rear and the XCP below does not.  It is flush which I find more desirable.

There is more room ahead of the trigger in the trigger guard in the XCP than the XBG has.  Perhaps it is better suited to cold weather shooting with gloves or just better for gloved hands.  Action - semi-automatic, just pull the trigger.

Umarex manual lists weight for the XBG at .9 of a pound.
XCP manual lists weight of .85 of a pound, very close.

Grip at bottom of XCP is a cleaned up version of the XBG, but it is slightly more difficult to screw the CO2 charging screw in on the XCP since it is crowded a bit by the grip.  The XBG protrudes more at the base below the grip than the XCP, a bit easier to charge.

Both have the handy picatinny rail below for attaching laser sights, etc..

Both fire at maximum velocities of 410 feet per second, very nice. Slide safety is on the right hand side.

I find the fiber optic sights not so great on the XCP.  The white dot is easier for me to see on the XBG.

Both have handy drop down magazines which hold 19 BBs.
Both use a 12g CO2 cartridge.
Performance - The TDP45 , the black version of the XCP averaged 412 feet per second in a 5 shot string.
As you can see the XCP, right, is almost 1/4" thinner in the grip area.  The absence of the extended beavertail at the rear grip makes the XCP about a quarter inch shorter than the XBG, left.
Height XBG, Left - about 5 & 3/8" from the top of rear sight to the bottom of CO2 charging ring.
Height XCP, right - about 5 & 9/16" from top of rear sight to bottom of CO2 charging ring.

Length XBG, Left - about 6 & 3/4".  Length XCP, right - about 6 & 1/2".

With the Umarex XCP Blister Pack you get 250 BBs and 2 super clean CO2 gas cartridges so you're ready to shoot.  On the front is the claimed maximum velocity of 410 feet per second and on the back are the warnings, etc..  The blister packs help to prevent tampering or someone picking up the gun and fooling around with it, so that's good that the product is sealed.   SEE XCP SHOOTING TEST BELOW
XCP-CO21 CO2 Here
XCP_sights  Fiber Optic Sights
XCP_stick-mag Stick Magazine
dirty-bore1 Dirty Bore pic 1
dirty-bore2  Dirty Bore pic 2
dirty-bore3  Dirty Bore pic 3 dirty_bore4 Dirty Bore pic 4
dirty-bore5  Dirty Bore pic 5

Dirty Gunbarrel

Trust me, this barrel is very dirty with dings and pits which I had to grind out.  These photos don't show enough focus to see the grit and grunge, but it is very dirty.

It is back together shooting fine.  I would not recommend fully disassembling this gun as it may take you more than a few hours to get it back together if you can get it together at all.

I took the gun apart to see what a minor rattle was, taking a chance on getting it back together.  I don't recommend this as it may be more than you are willing to take the time for.  Getting it back together can be a real pain. The most you can do fairly easily is remove the top slide to work on the barrel by removing the screw at the rear sight on top.  I would not take it apart any more from there unless you have lots of time.

I noticed the gun barrel was extremely dirty.  Those pits and dings you see in these crude photos did not come out after severe swabbing with patches.  The photos are actually after I had swabbed the barrel with patches and attempted to oil it.  I had to put some 1500 emery cloth on a steel rod and chuck the rod into my drill press and insert the rod into the barrel and spin the emery cloth awhile to get these dings out.  The bore is now brighter than a bright silver dollar and perfectly smooth to a mirror finish.

I am a bit disappointed at Umarex for leaving these barrels like this, probably the results of test firing the guns and boxing them up for sale without cleaning the barrels.

If you can find one of these fine XCP air pistols at WalMart, the price for the whole blister pack was only $24.88. Otherwise I expect they will be $29.99 to $34.99 or maybe even up to $40.00.  I think they are up to $40.00 on Ebay.  What a beautiful, sharp looking pistol!

It's nice to have such a lightweight, compact pistol which is often quite handy when going outdoors.  Since dog attacks are happening right in peoples' driveways it's a good idea to have at least a powerful CO2 pistol which shoots at least 400 feet per second when you step outside. 

These Umarex XBG, TDP45, and XCP pistols are among the hardest hitting Co2 pistols for the money they cost.  They will drill right through cans made of steel. 
The TDP45 , the black version of the XCP averaged 412 feet per second in a 5 shot string.  I would much prefer a pistol that shoots up near the maximum claimed velocity than one that shoots a hundred feet per second below the claimed maximum. 

Daisy also makes the Powerline 426 and Powerline 415 models which are fairly inexpensive. Velocities are up to about 430 fps and 500 fps repectively.  They have magazines installed within the gun on top so you cannot reload quickly by changing out the magazines, however, but they are priced right.

The CO2 pistol can be good to drive snakes back with, also.  Enough shots at a snake will kill it.
Wild people with knives?  See:
Could A CO2 Pistol Have Saved Kitty Genovese?  CO2 Pistol Vs. Knife

CO2 Airgun Suggestions

Shooting Test At Steel Cans

Umarex XBG - Amazon.com's Best Selling Air Pistol

3 Inexpensive CO2 Pistols For You

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Hornady BLACK DIAMOND BBs Outperform Other BBs In Penetration Tests

Hornady's new Black Diamond BBs represent a breakthrough in BB gun shooting technology development.  In a test to see how the hardened anodized BBs work they penetrated more steel than regular BBs and were fired last to ensure less Co2 was in the cartridge than when firing the regular BBs.

Umarex XCP Co2 Pistol Shooting Test

A particular heavy duty lid of a steel beef stew can was only getting dents in the lid when fired at with regular BBs at point blank range, several inches away.  The BBs would go through the steel sides, but not the lid which is heavier duty.  A magnet was used to test the cans to be sure there was some steel or ferrous content in them.  The Hornady Brand BBs all went right through the lid of the can as you can see here.  Something about that hardened surface of the BB must make for a crisper impact so no bogging down of the BB.  It just goes right through the steel!

Hornady BLACK DIAMOND .177 Caliber BBs
The dents you see represent hits from regular BBs fired from the Umarex XCP Co2 pistol.  They were fired first when most Co2 was in the cartridge if that's a slight difference.  The holes you see are Hornady BLACK DIAMOND BBs which were fired last at the can and went straight through the steel lid.

Just a simple test but I would think these BBs will generally go through and penetrate more material than regular BBs.

Makarov Test Through Heavy Duty Top Lid Of Steel Beef Stew Can


To my surprise even the little Makarov shot 4 of 5 Hornady BLACK DIAMOND BBs through the heavy top of the steel can where other kinds of BBs just dented it.  I must have shot at an angle on the only one that did not go through and it dented it and bounced.  I used a fresh UMAREX HIGH-GRADE CO2 cartridge for this test.

The Makarov has an advertised maximum velocity of 380 feet per second, so don't underestimate that kind of power, especially when using the Hornady BLACK DIAMOND ANODIZED STEEL BBs.


Umarex High-Grade CO2 - With handy instruction leaflet tucked inside box.
I cut open a spent Umarex CO2 cartridge with a hacksaw to see if it was as clean as they say and it was absolutely clean, no gunk, no film inside like a competitor's brand.

The TDP45 , the black version of the XCP averaged 412 feet per second in a 5 shot string chronograph test.

Permission to use this article is granted if correct attribution to this website is provided.