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Removing the spin for accurate historical records of America's Holocaust
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                 Man        David Burke's Murderous Rampage Killed All 42 Innocent People Aboard


December 5, 2017
Negroes are a violent, deadly race and commit all kinds of violence, from murders, rapes, to assaults, robberies, kidnappings, and carjackings

How hardly can you fault someone for telling the truth?  Someone should say it -

They commit all kinds of violent crimes and some Negroes draw comparatively light sentences for their crimes when caught.

Take for instance this father who was trying to sell his cellphone apparently to raise some scratch for his family.  The Negroes at the link are suspected of shooting him to death.  This is not surprising as this kind of violence occurs all the time somewhere.
Father Robbed of Cellphone and Shot Dead by Negroes!  Violent Negroes Everywhere!

Negroes are violent, plain and simple killers!  That said, I regret to bring you the latest news of a father who was trying to sell his cellphone at a San Leandro gas station in Alameda County, California to raise some scratch, and was apparently shot dead by suspects here: Jordan Patton, 18, of San Francisco, and Marcus Fortune, 18, of San Leandro, have been charged with the murder of Daniel Carlos, a husband and a father to a 5 year old daughter.  Is this incredibly sad or what!?  Guy probably needed the money for his family.

It gets monotonous doesn't it, all the violence and killings by Negroes!?  You'd think they would round them up and deport them someplace far away.  They could be branded and chipped so you would know if they ever came back to the U.S..  The governments of the world should implement segregation immediately!  It is the only fair thing to do.

Arrests made in deadly shooting of man selling iPhone at San Leandro gas station

If these are the culprits who did this the police or law enforcement authorities who caught them should be commended.

They lifted segregation and gave Blacks all the welfare money that LBJ could possibly muster and what did they do with it?  The Blacks began the murder of Whites and the murder has swelled into epidemic proportions.

Saying that Negroes are a violent race does in no way make this editor a racist.  The truth is the truth and statistics will be published soon.  The problem of Blacks killing Whites is not confined to South Africa, but Blacks kill Whites all the time in the U.S..  How many more Whites have to die before the governments legislate segregation?!  One thing is certain; Negroes may kill you if given the opportunity.  You cannot say you haven't been warned.  Negroes are a violent and deadly race.


December 6, 2017

Kera Teel & Baby Shot to Death By Negro, Allegedly

This 19 year old woman and her baby were gunned down as she was about to get out of her car in Beaumont, Texas.  For no reason or did the Negro kill her because she was producing white babies?  If convicted this person that did this deserves the death penalty.

This woman victim had a right to have her children and raise them....WITHOUT BEING MURDERED.

Racists murder 19-year-old mother & baby (allegedly)

Thanks to YouTuber - Kenn Daily


Pregnant mom, unborn daughter shot to death in robbery



Sunday, December 10, 2017

2016 Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission Confirms: In 37% White Milwaukee, People of Color Responsible for 90% of Homicides/93% of Nonfatal Shootings

SBPDL Website

Nov. 20, 2017  Shooting of Ricky James McKeithan

His Name is Ricky James McKeithan: White U.S. Navy Veteran Murdered by Black Male who was out on $60,000 bond (Holding Man at Gun Point)


Kyler Deshard Hatter, Negro who was out on $60,000 bond charged with shooting Navy Veteran nine times.  It appears that these Negroes get out on bond from one scrape and get right into another.  They just cannot get along with people.  Notice the hate crime of shooting him nine times?!!  They probably will not charge him with a hate crime since Negroes get incredulously light charges and sentences.

A white U.S. Navy veteran, father, grandfather is dead, probably because of this Negro (if convicted). 

Dr. Kevin Rodgers Shot Dead in Home

The Black teens who shot Dr. Rodgers must have been laughing about how they killed whitey, at least for awhile.....until they were caught.

His Name is Dr. Kevin Rodgers: Prominent [White] Indianapolis Doctor Murdered in his home by Two Black Teens

Medical Doctor Shoots Robber Thug in the Leg, Does Not Render Aid

Years ago a popular magazine like The Reader's Digest published an article by a medical doctor who had been robbed over and over.  He and his wife had several television sets and stuff stolen from their residence and crime was an ongoing thing.  One day he went to lunch and three armed thugs confronted him demanding his money and stuff and he produced a 9mm pistol and shot one of them in the leg.  He told them they'd better get their buddy to the hospital before he bleeds to death, you know.  He left and did not render aid and did not report it to law authorities.

Is it any wonder why people have become a bit colder?  Is this to become the norm because of the lousy integration process?

The doctor was right in not rendering aid.  Even in the Holy Bible nowhere does it say we must love the wicked.


 The Only Person Fit To Raise Your Child Is You - Toddler Dead While Under Care of Negro

May of 2017

This child, Kane Friess-Wylie, 2, died at Cardinal Glennon Childrenís Hospital on April 13 of this year, reportedly.  The medical examiner has ruled that a head injury caused the death of this child.

Looking at the tatoos on this White mother, she may be short on good judgment as she apparently left her child under the care of this Negro.  Boyfriends of all colors should be carefully screened before gaining access to the vicinity of your children.

Apparently there may have been a person or persons visiting the babysitter at some time during this ordeal.  Now you have strangers on the scene, in your home.  Anything can happen.  Was the stranger playing around with a stun gun at close range?  Resulted in traumatic brain injury?  If so it put the guy in charge of the kid on the run didn't it?  If the stranger did this he intended to separate the suspect from the kid's mother, probably, but it costed the child his/her life.

The Only Person Fit To Raise Your Child Is You.  Not a daycare facility, not a babysitter or their friends.  ONLY YOU ARE QUALIFIED BECAUSE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.




Man charged with murder in toddlerís death, remains at large

Police seeking Berkeley man in Belleville boy's murder in April

Toddler's Death: Boyfriend Told Cops He Put 2-Year-Old's Face Under Faucet, Shook Him

Medical examiner says head injury caused Belleville toddlerís death


Barcelona Wine Bar murder
Nov. 19, 2017 Murder

Dec. 24, 2017

The Assailants in this video appear to be Negro.  Look at the face and eyes behind the glasses in the stop motion frame.  Look at the black butt on the guy who is bent over picking up the contents of the safe.

The manager lady, Chelsea Beller, opened the safe for them like she was ordered to do and they reportedly shot her and killed her for this, not wanting any witnesses to identify them.  Negroes are a very violent race and you would do well to avoid them.

Arrest Made In Barcelona Wine Bar Murder, Reward Increases https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/arrest-made-barcelona-wine-bar-murder-reward-increases

The Reward Is Said To Be Up To $38,000.oo In This Murder Case

First arrest made in Barcelona Wine Bar robbery, murder

Barcelona Wine Bar murder
Thanks to youtuber - FOX 5 Atlanta



Jim Forrester Murder -  DEATH BY NEGROES

Dec. 18, 2017

His Name is Jim Forrester: While Talking to his Wife on the Phone, Popular White Musician Murdered by Two Black Males in Baltimore


I wasn't exaggerating when I said Negroes are a violent race!  They shot him when they robbed him apparently, or maybe they just shot him for fun because he was White.  He was performing for a party on Sunday and stepped out to call his lovely wife and was confronted by Negroes who shot him dead while he was on the phone to her.

I am telling you again folks - you would do better not to have any contact with Negroes.  In 70% Black Baltimore 99% of the suspects in homicides are Black.  They kill White people like it's a big funny damn joke.  The rate which Blacks kill Whites in America amounts to genocide.  Do you read or hear of genocide against Whites in the news media.  No?  It's a Jew-controlled media.

Southeast District Homicide Investigation


Deputy Falce Murder  -  DEATH BY NEGRO
Devoted Deputy Larry Falce Killed by Gang-banger - Media Hides Face of Negro Suspect

It's bad enough to have a deputy killed by a gang-banger, but it's disturbing that they show the victim on media but will not show the suspect.  Usually some picture of the suspect is shown by some media outlet or other.  They are hiding this person who killed a man who was dedicated to serving others and who was said to be thoughtful, kind and a good representative of government.  Aren't you tired of the media covering for these Negro criminals?  If this had been a white suspect his photo would have been as readily available as Lee Harvey Oswald's!

Larry Falce probably had a lot of life left and would have enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend or retiring and going fishing.  All of that is gone now apparently because of this alleged Negro career criminal gangbanger.  Another victim in the White genocide in America.

In one case I read online where a whole White family had been slaughtered by Black suspects it read that they had a gag order on it and would not release information to the public on it!  Might cause a backlash, eh?  Yeah and they want to keep killing you White folks and make sure you don't do anything to stop it.

Stop the double standard now!  Show all the suspects regardless of color!

His Name is Larry Falce: White Vietnam Veteran Murdered by Black Career Criminal, Gang Member

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department mourns the death of Deputy Larry Falce




Negro Machete Attack

Woman delivering meals to the homeless attacked with machete



Negroes just cannot get it together, can they?  Why in the world would a man attack a woman with a machete as she delivered meals to the homeless?  It's bad enough to have homeless people almost everywhere these days, but the dysfunctional Negro attacks this person serving the community!  It just reeks and stinks, doesn't it?  Something should be done to pick up all these violent people and put them away somewhere so that peaceful people can get on with business as usual.  I guess she was just a White woman.

Jim Willinghan
Baltimore Teens Attack Elderly White Man, Run Over Him - Unprovoked Negro Violence

Baltimore teens charged for allegedly attacking elderly man, driving over him with his own car

The man, Jim Willinghan, was reportedly violently attacked and his pelvis was broken in the latest round of unprovoked Negro violence.  Broken pelvis can be very painful.  If you have a few dollars to help out go to his https://www.gofundme.com/4yp0ha0   gofundme page and donate.  The Negro violence against White people, as you may already know, is epidemic now and out of control.

It is amazing that the alleged culprits here were caught.  This is very good citizen action, folks.

David Burke's Murderous Rampage Killed All 42 Innocent People Aboard

December 7, 1987

Few people have ever heard of David Burke or his murderous rampage with brought down a plane December 7, 1987 carrying 42 persons.  He reportedly took a .44 magnum into the cockpit of Pacific Southwest Flight 1771 after killing his ex-boss in the cabin and killed the pilots and put the plane into a 770 mph dive which ended in a crash and lots of lives lost.

Negroes do not assimilate well into American society and you must never relax around a Negro or Negroes.  When they are found stealing or running drugs and investigated they may take their anger out on anyone nearby, regardless of their guilt and responsibility.

Read how one man selfishly took the lives of so many innocent persons and understand the true makeup of the Negro.  Why didn't we hear about it in the news?  Because the real events on the cockpit recorder were either hushed or covered up because it was a heinous crime committed by a Negro.  Political correctness has ruined this nation.  Truly, Negroes are a violent race.

They Donít Talk About This Airline Disaster!

Permission to use this article is granted if correct attribution to this website is provided.