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Daisy 426 POWERLINE Semi-Auto CO2 Pistol
Economy And Simplicity In A Hard-Hitter Category - .177 Caliber

July 22, 2018  -  An Inexpensive Great Gun For Summer Fun!  GOOD TRIGGER PULL

I would call BB pistols that shoot in or near the 400 + feet per second range the hard hitter category.  This means BBs fired from these pistols have a fair amount of destructive force.  Anything that shoots through cans made of steel is not a wimpy pistol at all.  The Daisy POWERLINE 426 is definitely in the hard hitter category, blasting right through cans made of steel.  Maximum velocity is rated at 430 fps, a real power-hitter.

Shooters who have experienced BB feeding problems will probably not have them with this gun.  A simple feeding mechanism consisting of a 15 round magazine on top easily indicates how many BBs are left to shoot and is built into the gun so no lost magazines or failure-to-feed BBs here.
Magazine looking from the muzzle front end
The blister packaging helps prevent tampering and people fooling around with your gun.

Sights on this gun are fixed and gun tends to shoot a bit high.  Picatinny rail for attaching accessories such as laser sights, etc..

Those who don't wish to spend much will find this a pretty dependble pistol for the money, about $ 19.54 at WalMart, may go as high as about $ 29.99 to $ 34.99 elsewhere, a very affordable sidearm.  This airgun is $ 30.60 to $ 39.97 today on ebay.com.

Trigger pull on this pistol is much better than some other double action only pistols and is fairly crisp.  It is much better than the Bear River BR 45 which has the worst trigger pull of all pistols on this site.  The Umarex XBG and XCP are also a bit harder and longer to pull than this delightful pistol which has a very solid feel, yet is only 0.9 of a pound in weight.  Length - 6.85", Height - about 5/38".

The crossbolt safety is just above the trigger and easy to operate.  It has a very audible snap which indicates a change from off to on or on to off.  It stays securely at either on or off, a very safe gun to operate.  When you push the safety to the left the red shows on it indicating the pistol is ready to fire, a good feature.

One thing you can say about the black finish on these black guns is it's fairly scuff resistant. I like the finish.  It doesn't have any white writing on it which would make it look fakey, just all business looking, very nice.

This CO2 pistol does not have anything that will snag on your pocket as you withdraw it.  My Umarex Makarov CO2 pistol has a CO2 ring hanging below the grip which automatically folds up, but it snags on pocket quite a bit when you try to withdraw it.  It's very nice to have a single and double action pistol with a real working hammer, but what good is it if you can't get it out of your pocket on time!?  The CO2 ring in this pistol is buried up within the grip for snag-free operation, a very desirable feature leaving the bottom butt of the grip clean and smooth.  I would imagine lots of folks casually put these CO2 guns in their pockets and that is of some importance to shooters.

target I shot a 1 & 1/4 inch 7 shot group from 20 feet with one flyer, not bad accuracy from such an inexpensive pistol.  3 of the shots are actually touching together.

These two pages of targets were included in the blister pack along with instructions and safety warnings.


Considering everything this Daisy 426 POWERLINE CO2 BB Pistol is a lot of bang for the buck, about a $twenty buck. This is a light in weight, compact, handy sidearm which could easily repel a dog attack, so it's nice for a back-up emergency weapon, easily worth twice the (WalMart) price.  I was reaching for the Umarex XCP and XBG a lot but
I tend to reach for the Daisy 426 a lot when I think about the nice trigger pull it has. 

Watch out on putting keys and other small items in a pocket with this pistol because the magazine spring can become entangled with such small things.  I had this pistol in a cargo pocket with some keys and rather destroyed the magazine spring which is somewhat exposed.  I installed the new
replacement spring Daisy sent me - nice folks.  This is the advantage of having the drop down stick magazine - Umarex XCP, TDP-45, XBG, Bear River BR-45, Makarov - which is removable in other guns - it is tucked away in the grip where objects cannot interfere with it.


Phone books make good BB traps.  You can recover the BBs and shoot them again and again.  Penetration into the phone book with the Daisy 426 was about 90 pages!  Thats about 160 double sided pages plus consideration for the thickness of the cover and target.  Heavy denting and tearing occurred even farther into the book.
426 power test
This is the bottom of a Progesso Soup steel can which is heavier duty than the sides are.  BB's usually have no trouble going through at least one side of the can but the top can offer resistance as the dents from various CO2 guns show.  You can tell how hard the gun is shooting and whether the CO2 is low by whether the BBs will go through the bottom of the can.

The 2 holes on the right were made by the Daisy 426 CO2 pistol after several magazines were fired and some CO2 gas was spent. The Umarex CO2 cartridge was still shooting plenty hard a week or so after installing the CO2 cartridge.

These CO2 guns, especially in what I call the HARD HITTER category, are certainly not toys so be careful when handling them.  Never shoot someone's pet for fun.  It could kill the animal.

See the Umarex XCP CO2 Two Tone BB Pistol.

Remember, CO2 guns are not toys and can be dangerous if mishandled.  Always wear shooting glasses when firing any gun, especially BB guns.  HAPPY SHOOTING!

CO2 Airgun Suggestions

1. put a drop of Pellgunoil on the tip of the CO2 cartridge where it is pierced, at the top of it.  It seals better.
2. Let the springs in the magazines rest by unloading them, rotating them. Alternate the use of magazines to keep them new.
3. Remove the CO2 cartridge after use and let the main seal rest.  Keep your gun new this way.
4. Insert a CO2 cartridge and snug it up without piercing and charging up the gun.  It's ready for use but under no strain.
5. Alternating the use of CO2 guns instead of using the same one all the time can keep them newer. Switch off sometimes.
6. Try to limit dry firing the gun when it's charged with CO2 and isn't loaded with BBs.
7. Lubricate the parts once in awhile.
8. Don't leave your CO2 gun outside in the elements.  It may be part plastic but there are metal parts inside which could rust.
9. If you are having BB feeding trouble, the BBs don't load & shoot, try loading only 18 or 19 BBs into the magazine, not 20. (Removeable magazine type guns)
10. Always wear shooting glasses or safety glasses when shooting any gun, especially BB guns.
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